(Clearwisdom.net) I have participated in a truth-clarification media project for over ten years. I feel that I have done my best, but there has been little progress in the past few years, and while I have been far from meeting Master's requirements, I have not been able to make any breakthroughs. I asked myself, "How can I break through the deadlock? What is the problem? Although I understand the principle of improving xinxing, how do I make improvements?"

Our project team hasn't truly formed one body. Without full coordination and cooperation, the full potential can't be realized. I feel we have so little time, so I have often tried to make full use of my time to do all sorts of things related to truth-clarification and saving people on my own. However, I didn't try to help fellow practitioners for fear of wasting my time. I have not been able to balance things in this area due to my lack of understanding of the Fa principles.

One day I shared this issue with my daughter who is also a practitioner. She said, “Helping others isn't wasting time. Not giving up attachments will indeed waste time.” I was very shocked to hear this. What she said clearly pointed to my attachment. I believe it was a hint from Master. Thank you Master, for your compassionate care.

Selfishness is the source of the problem. It was the reason why I became fixated on making good use of my own time and did not help others. How can holding on to attachments be considered cultivation? Although I have done so many things, my xinxing was not improving, causing a deadlock in the truth-clarification project. Master's Fashen and the upright gods must have been very concerned.

Genuine cultivation is achieved when one puts one's understanding of the principles into action. I shall give up selfishness and help fellow practitioners so we can progress diligently together. I will become a selfless particle of the Fa and an enlightened being in the new universe.

Reiterating my fellow practitioner's words, “Helping others is not a waste of time. Not giving up attachments indeed wastes time.”