(Clearwisdom.net) Last Sunday my colleagues and I went on a spring outing. We went to a temple and saw images and heard the story of a conversation between Buddha Sakyamuni and a Brahmin. When Sakyamuni was giving a lecture, the Brahmin showed up with flowers in both of his hands, to pay respect to the Buddha. As he walked toward Sakyamuni, Sakyamuni said, "Let go!” Quickly, the Brahmin dropped the flowers from his left hand. “Let it go!” repeated Sakyamuni, and the Brahmin realized he still had flowers in his right hand and put the flowers down. “Let it go!” Sakyamuni repeated again. At this time, the Brahmin was confused and asked, “Master, my two hands are empty. I am not sure what else you would like me to get rid of?” Sakyamuni said, "You need to let go of all your attachments!”

Sakyamuni called on the Brahmin to not only let go of the flowers in his hands, but also of all invisible attachments.

Master said in “Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan” (2006)

“In the past, what each cultivation way cultivated was the subordinate soul, and after one’s life came to an end the master soul would continue on in the human world, reincarnating. Furthermore, each form of cultivation and each belief system was in fact simply a case of gods enriching man’s culture so that he could understand the divine and spiritual cultivation. This is the first time man has been given such an opportunity, and it is the whole purpose of the world’s creation. And then when you consider that you, out of all the simply countless, unimaginable numbers of sentient beings that exist, got to be a disciple of Dafa, how could you not do well at this? Follow Dafa’s requirements, and fulfill the vows you made before the dawn of history.”

Buddhism cultivated the subordinate soul and even Buddhism required letting go of all attachments. We cultivate Falun Dafa, and in this, the first opportunity to humans provided by Master, we cultivate the master soul, our true selves. Dafa cultivation is much more outstanding, greater than all other cultivation ways. It thus has higher requirements. Why could I not follow what Master requires?

When someone less qualified than me, less accomplished, and with less of a good work attitude was promoted at work, I would feel very uncomfortable. Those were attachments – seeking for recognition/reputation, which was revealed by my sense of jealousy.

When I saw that other practitioners cultivated Dafa diligently, continued to clarify the truth and offered people salvation, I admired their courage. Although I did some things to clarify the truth, I was overcome by the attachment of fear.

In practicing the fifth exercise, I would put my legs down as soon as I felt pain. I sleep longer on Sunday when I don’t have to go to work. That is the attachment to comfort.

When I practiced the exercises, sent righteous thoughts, and studied the Fa, I had so much interference from my attachments that I could not focus.

Why do I still have so many attachments? Thinking deeply made me realize that sometimes I didn't firmly believe in Master and Dafa. I did not unconditionally, fully and absolutely believe in Master and Dafa. I often understand parts of the Fa from one lecture to another, but lack understanding of the Fa from the whole. I could not conduct myself exactly as Master requires. When facing issues among practitioners, for example, regarding the cases of some practitioners passing away, I could not understand it from the Fa, and dealt with it with ordinary people's notions. Although I claimed I was cultivating, my thoughts were far from what the Fa requires.

In fact, I have witnessed many miraculous things, but I did not carefully think about them as a manifestation of the power of Master and Dafa. For years, no one in my family was ill after the whole family practiced Falun Gong. Dafa has opened my child's wisdom, whose grades improved daily, from an average student to eventually being admitted to the best college. Isn’t this power of Dafa?

My wife was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor because she urged people to quit the Chinese Communist Party. But the labor camp rejected her at admission due to her health problems. She was back to normal once she was released and returned home and was able to continue Fa-rectification work. Isn’t this a blessing from Master’s great compassion and protection?

Many miracles have happened around my family. I won't list them all. But why could I not truly believe in Master and in Dafa?

I still have many attachments. Master has taken such good care of me, but I still could not abandon my ordinary people's notions. I realize my problems. I should do exactly as Master requires and cultivate Dafa diligently. I won't let Master down and I shall fulfill my prehistoric promise.