(Clearwisdom.net) Some fellow practitioners made hundreds of copies of truth-clarifying materials after the New Year. Then the printer appeared to have problems with the ink. We took it to our other material depot to get it repaired. I think this is not accidental; our mindsets could have caused it. We still have a lot of 2009 Shen Yun DVDs undistributed, and it could be a reflection of the state we are in.

We don't go to remote areas to distribute material, mainly because public transportation is inaccessible, but the most important thing is that we have no benevolence or urgency in saving sentient beings. We say frequently that we are gods and we do the three things well, but saying these words makes me feel ashamed. Sometimes I am afraid to face Teacher's picture because of this. Have we reached the state of a god? Some fellow practitioners are still trapped in the conditions of being too tired to study the Fa and unable to keep their hands upright when sending forth righteous thoughts.

There is another thing, even though it seems small, but it reflects the state of our cultivation:

Practitioner A planned to go to his hometown and took some truth-clarifying materials with him for distribution. He didn't leave for a few days, so Practitioner B suggested that we take these materials to an area 50 kilometers away to distribute them, as we hadn't been there before. But Practitioner C insisted that A keep the materials and stated that it didn’t matter who did it. Two weeks have passed, but it is still unclear when A will leave.

My understanding is that we cannot hold up saving sentient beings because of A's delay. The time is urgent and it waits for no one. Behind Practitioner C’s statement, there are attachments of depending on others and being afraid of hardship like it is too cold or the snow is too deep, and the mindset of just to getting it done.

I am not accusing my fellow practitioners, I just want to find these shortcomings and get rid of them, so we all can make improvements. We are Dafa disciples and we need to cherish this opportunity that only comes once in thousands of years!