(Clearwisdom.net) Here I would like to tell a story from an elderly practitioner's cultivation. I hope it will be inspiring to other practitioners. We should care for fellow practitioners in our busy lives of cultivation, Fa validation, and truth clarification. We are one body, and should care for each other and advance together diligently.

An 83-year-old lady lives in a remote village in western Liaoning Province. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1996.

One day around 2005, she suddenly felt unbearably ill, and her daughters sent her to the hospital. After a medical examination, the doctor told her daughters: “Your mom's lungs are worn out, and only a very small portion is still functioning properly. Moreover, her other organs are failing, too. Take the prescribed medicine and go home.” Her daughters knew that she had suffered from lung disease for over 10 years before she had started to practice Falun Gong.

One night, this elderly practitioner had a dream, in which a person showed her a new lung and said to her, “This is your new lung that has no disease.” She described the dream to her first-born daughter, who is also a practitioner. Her daughter told her that it was Teacher purifying her body and encouraging her to cultivate diligently, because only Teacher could save her life.

Later, her first-born daughter went out of town on business. As there were no fellow practitioners living in the neighborhood, the elderly lady kept listening to the Fa lectures and doing the exercises by herself.

In January 2011, the elderly lady suffered from generalized edema and pain that was beyond her level of tolerance. She could not take care of herself any longer, and neither medication nor injections helped. She then realized that she should behave like a practitioner, so she started meditating in spite of the pain and asked Teacher for help, until the pain disappeared.

One day, the husband of her younger daughter came to visit the elderly lady. Her younger sister also called her that day. After learning about her situation, her sister told her, “How can medication and injections work? Only Teacher can save you.” Her sister then told her daughter's husband to help the elderly lady find a Fa-study group, so that she could communicate and share experiences with fellow practitioners.

Three days later, the husband's younger sister, who is a practitioner, and another practitioner walked for over 20 kilometers over hills, which had no real roads and were full of thorny jujubes, to visit the elderly lady. When they arrived, she was moved to tears by their selfless act of coming such a long way in the cold weather to see her. The fellow practitioners encouraged her and helped her send forth righteous thoughts. They also reminded her that a true practitioner does not have illnesses, and that she should have righteous thoughts and a Fa-study environment, and upgrade her xinxing.

She proposed that she could go with the fellow practitioners and live with her younger daughter for some time, so that she could join their Fa-study group. Her daughters did not agree to let her go, however, because the Chinese New Year was around the corner, and she appeared seriously ill at that time. However, as she insisted, they eventually agreed, thinking that they should grant their mother one last wish. Thus, with family members' help she got in the car and traveled to her younger daughter's home.

Once the car was parked, she got out and walked into the house with her cane, but without any help from others. Everyone at the scene was surprised at the miraculous nature of Dafa.

Other practitioners came to see her. Eight practitioners studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and shared cultivation experiences with her and helped her to find her attachments. They reminded her to always look inside. Fellow practitioners felt improvement in themselves while helping her. Day by day her health recovered, and her swelling gradually disappeared. She could feel both her mind and health improve.

Ten days later, her grandson drove her back home. When her family members saw her recovery, they were very happy. Her neighbors said, “Falun Dafa is miraculous!” Her daughter-in-law did not believe in Falun Dafa before, but since witnessing the recovery of her mother-in-law in just a few days without any medications and injections, she tells people all the time, “Falun Dafa is truly miraculous!”

On January 15th, I went to see this elderly practitioner and found her with a healthy complexion, black hair and a smile. She was very happy to see me and told me, “I believe in Teacher and the Fa. I will follow Teacher to the very end.”