(Clearwisdom.net) In a city in northern China, there is a 65-year-old woman who is but one among millions of Falun Dafa practitioners. She has steadfastly practiced Falun Dafa for 13 years. Sometimes she can study six lectures of Zhuan Falun and distribute 300 to 400 copies of truth-clarifying materials in one day. Her home is also a material production site. She has never been arrested by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). She feels that she is kept safe in the palm of Master's hand and that no one is able to persecute her. Many miraculous things have happened to her. The ordinary people who know her say, “This lady is really incredible! She can even fly over rooftops and run up walls!”

The following is an account of her experiences in her own words.

1. Profound Predestined Relationship with Dafa

It was the summer of 1998 that I first saw Master Li Hongzhi’s image in Zhuan Falun. Master seemed so familiar to me, as if I had been with Him for quite a long time in some other lifetime. Master's image was smiling at me. One week later, Master let me see a large image of Him and enlightened me: “You are all my disciples. In order to obtain the Fa, you have reincarnated ten times.” I was able to recall that I was a general of the Yang family in the Song Dynasty. In one lifetime I had practiced cultivation on a Tibetan Plateau. I had reached consummation more than once. In this lifetime I came here to assist Master with Fa-rectification.

I had always been confident and enjoyed good fortune. Now I knew that it was because Master has always taken care of me. I still remember that, when I was very young, there was a big tornado. The winds carried a 17-year-old neighbor boy as high as a telegraph pole before he fell to his death. I also experienced a tornado when I was 11 years old. Although I was lifted by the winds and dropped to the ground three times, I was safe and returned home. I got encephalitis when I was 13 years old; the pain made me cry and roll around. However, I recovered after taking just two pills. When there was a severe earthquake in my hometown, I was completely safe. Thirty years ago, a blind fortuneteller told me, “I cannot see your fortune. Your life is for practicing cultivation.” I said, “You are right. I often think of becoming a nun.”

I had a massive hemorrhage when my baby was born. Three hospitals said I had Sheehan's disease, which is as incurable as cancer. People with this illness eventually get pituitary necrosis. Doctors told my husband that one of the symptoms of my condition was that I might become mentally ill in 20 years. In 1992, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer by three hospitals. After I practiced Falun Dafa, all my diseases disappeared. How wonderful practicing Falun Dafa is!

2. Passing Through Churning Waves as Though Walking upon Flat Ground

When I first obtained the Fa I thought, “Such a profound Fa—I can practice cultivation without becoming a nun. Where else could I find such a wonderful thing? I cannot lose it even if I lose my life.” After the persecution began in 1999, officials at my company lied and told me that practicing Falun Gong was illegal. They told me to not appeal in Beijing. I was not moved and confidently replied, “I do the exercises to stay fit and healthy, I study the Fa to become a better person; how am I harming you? I'm not doing anything wrong and no one can stop me!” The company sent an officer to monitor me. I said to him, “Please don't be foolish. On such a hot day you don't go home and rest and even come to my house after work. Wouldn’t it be better for you if you found a cool place to relax? Why are you blindly following their orders? Please don't bother to come here anymore.” The officer really never came back.

In the first several years after the persecution began, I practiced cultivation more diligently than I do now. Every day, I studied three or four lectures of Zhuan Falun and distributed 300 to 400 copies of truth-clarifying materials. Sometimes, I could study six lectures in one day. At the same time, I still fulfilled my responsibilities at home and took care of the housework very well. I cooked three meals and washed clothes every day. Nothing in my everyday life was affected. I didn’t fear being seen when I distributed materials. If I met someone, I immediately gave them a copy and said, “Please read the truth. Please hurry up and read it!” People accepted the materials with a smile, as if the environment was very open and safe. But the persecution was actually the most intense and evil in those years. When the persecution was most severe, I didn’t think that I would be persecuted at all. Once in 2003, I had a dream that I received an acceptance letter from a university. It had my picture in color on it. I thought, “I've just been enrolled and I'm far away from graduation. I still have a long way to go in my cultivation!”

Sometimes when I distributed truth-clarification materials to villages, the dogs barked at the doors. I said to them, “Don’t bark. I came to save your owner, and you will also benefit!” The dogs really stopped barking. A fellow practitioner asked me, “Why does it work when you say that, but it does not work when I say the same thing?” I said, “It might be because your kind thought at that time was not compassionate enough. In my mind, I'm just focused on saving people – that's the only thought I have in my head. If I say it, I just think it, without any other thoughts.”

Once I forgot to bring my flashlight to distribute materials in the evening. I missed three steps and fell down, twisting my ankle. I immediately stood up and walked out of the building, stamping on my feet three times and saying, “The evil's plan to persecute me-I stomp on you!” Then I went home. However, as soon as I got home, I couldn’t walk. My instep and ankle all turned black and purple. To get to the restroom, I had to walk upstairs. I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked Master for help. Then I went to sleep. The following morning, my instep and ankle had recovered! All the bruising was gone. How miraculous! They say, “Everyone needs at least 100 days to recover from a fracture.” If it had happened to an ordinary person, how long would he or she need to recover?

Looking back, I have experienced many miraculous things. Many articles written by Dafa practitioners record their extraordinary and miraculous experiences. I have a flashlight that needs three AA batteries. The same three AA batteries have kept working for more than three years. Those batteries should have been changed more than ten times by now. Once I carelessly poured boiling hot water on my insteps. It was a hot summer day. I saw the steam rising from the tops of my feet. I asked Master for help and didn’t think of blisters. Afterward, when I remembered to check my insteps, I found that my feet were not hurt at all. No scalding and no red skin. How fortunate being a Dafa practitioner is! Thank you, Master!

3. Being Clearly Aware That Every Interference Has a Cause

In my understanding, the persecution should never have happened. After Master’s article, “Beyond the Limits of Forbearance” was published, I felt quite happy, thinking that, whatever persecuted me, I would eradicate it. Therefore, I have steadily and safely made it through these years. I was twice harassed by the evil police. Both instances were caused by my going awry.

The first instance was in 2004. Over ten police officers came to my home and illegally took away Dafa books and photos of Master. They ordered me to go with them. I said, “I’m already over 60 years old. I don't fear death, so why should I fear or obey you? Why do you come into my home to persecute me?” One officer said, “This elderly lady is very determined!” I said, “I cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I cultivate Buddhahood. Don't you value your own life? Why should I fight with you when I'm committing no crime?” The officer listened with his head hanging. I held the righteous thought, “It’s not up to you. It is up to my Master.” With righteous thoughts, I passed through this persecution. Afterwards when I looked within, I found that it was caused by my mentality of showing off. I thought that none of my fellow practitioners were more diligent than I. I had even criticized some of them to the point of tears. Once over 30 practitioners held a Fa conference in my home. I ignored security and I didn’t close the door. Although I didn’t have any fear, I did not think of others. That was why I had loopholes that could be taken advantage of by the evil.

The other time was in 2007. One practitioner who studied the Fa with me was in a poor state while sending forth righteous thoughts. I focused on helping her clear her dimensional fields, and therefore ignored the worldwide times for eliminating the evil for more than a month. As a result, the police came again to harass me. I refused to open the door for them and escaped by going up on the roof. The grey tiles were slippery and the roof is steeply pitched, but I walked across it as quickly and easily as though I were walking on flat ground. Some ordinary people saw me and exclaimed, “That elderly lady is really amazing; she can even fly over a steep roof and run up walls! Even a man would be afraid to walk on such a steep roof, while she walks across it as easily as walking on the ground. How lightly she walks, almost as if she were flying!” All my neighbors knew the truth about Falun Gong. I had helped all of them quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. One neighbor said, “Don’t jump down. I’ll get a ladder for you.” When I climbed down the ladder, I told my neighbor, “Don’t be afraid. No need to fear the evil police. I did not commit any crime. It is they who are persecuting me.” In this way, I safely got out of the danger under Master’s care.

On another occasion when I distributed truth-clarifying materials with my sister who is also a fellow practitioner, we encountered the police. Before, my sister never dared to come out to save sentient beings. But I was not affected at all. Afterward I had a dream. My sister and I were walking together on a road. A boulder suddenly appeared and blocked our way. I searched for some place that was open and wriggled through a crack. There were two evil beings standing aside, saying, “Never mind about her. Let’s arrest the one walking behind. She is plundering the Dharma.” At that time, my sister still listened to Buddhist videos. She asked me to look at them, too. I refused because Master taught us “No second cultivation way.” (Zhuan Falun)

4.Every Sentient Being Has a Predestined Relationship with Master

I have a niece who knows Falun Dafa is good. When she visited me, I invited her to study the Fa with me. But when she returned to ordinary society, she was distracted and did not read the Fa. Once she sent forth righteous thoughts with me. As soon as we held our palms erect, she heard Master saying to her, “Hurry up and seize the time to study the Fa. Your predestined relationship with Master is very deep. You have guarded the entrance for Master for three years.” When we read the Fa, Master enlightened her, “Look at the first word on Page 311.” As we turned to that page, we found the word was “sentiment.” I said, “You do not cherish Dafa enough. Are you still focused on having a boyfriend? ” She said, “Although I do not practice cultivation as diligently as you, whenever I give a speech in my company, I tell everyone that ‘People should follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be good.’ My colleagues asked me, ‘Are you a Falun Dafa practitioner?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ Then everyone applauded me.” My niece explains the truth about Falun Gong very well. She spreads the truth whenever she has the opportunity.

Once we were both in a cultivation experience sharing conference with fellow practitioners. My niece said, “Auntie, do not sit in the middle. Quickly move and leave this spot open so Master can sit here. Master is coming down on a large lotus flower.” She has such a deep predestined relationship with Master. However, she sometimes practices cultivation; while sometimes she does not. Here, I wholeheartedly advise those who are so fortunate to have the predestined relationship to obtain the Fa: Cherish this once-in-a-billion-years’ opportunity! Every sentient being incarnated at this time really has a predestined relationship with Master.


I always feel that I’m not compassionate enough, and sometimes I still compete with others. Everyday I recite:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world”
(“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos,” Hong Yin II)

As I recite Master's words many times each day, I can feel my heart of compassion emerging. Compassion itself can eliminate all the evil in other dimensions.

Thank you, Master!

Selected from "Call for articles about Divine Occurrences in the Human World"