(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dong Limin used to live on Dongfeng Road, Nenjiang County, Heilongjiang Province. In March 2002, she was taken to the Jiusan Detention Center and forcibly injected with unknown substances. She was illegally sentenced to 14 years in prison on July 18, 2002. On July 29, 2002, she was taken to Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison. Ms. Dong has been imprisoned for eight years and suffers from a serious heart problem; her limbs are weak, and she is emaciated. Now she is being persecuted in Ward 5.

Ms. Dong Limin was born on July 1, 1972. In March 2002 at 11 p.m., she was taken to the Jiusan Detention Center by a policeman and a policewoman from the Nenjiang Farm Police Station and officials from the Jiusan Agricultural and Reclamation Bureau 610 Office. She held a hunger strike, and, three days later, she was force-fed and injected with unknown substances in the detention center clinic. Each time after she was injected with the drugs, her head felt as if it would explode. However, the officials claimed that the substances she was being injected with were nourishment.

Torture Demonstration: Injected with drugs

On July 18, 2002, Ms. Dong was illegally sentenced to 14 years by the Jiusan Agricultural and Reclamation Court. On July 29, 2002, she was taken to Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison and held in Ward 9. (Ward 9 is now named Ward 6.) Ward 9: heads: Yang Hua, Zhang Chunhua; guards: Jia Wenjun, Wang Shaojian, Yang Fengling, Xu Zhanling.

Guards in Ward 9 had criminals monitor Ms. Dong's activities. Wang Xuezhen, head of the criminals, arranged for all the criminals to monitor her. Ms. Dong was forced to squat for one whole day and a night.

In 2003, Zheng Jie was appointed the head of Ward 9. Ms. Dong and 20 other practitioners were forced to sit only on the concrete floor from the Fall of 2003 to the Fall of 2004. They were monitored by criminals all the time, and they were only given a small piece of bread for every meal. Every day, they had to sit on the concrete floor from 5:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Criminal inmates involved: Ji Chunyan, Zhang Chunyan, and Hou Guiqin.

On April, 11 2005, four or five criminals were ordered to swear at Ms. Dong. They made her hold a book which was written to defame Dafa. She refused. Then they started to beat her. She fell down several times and could not move anymore, so they pulled her up and kicked her, causing her to fall down several more times. A criminal stepped on her hands while twisting them.

Tao Hong was the criminal inmate who played a major role in beating Ms. Dong. The head of the criminals was Qiao Chunyan. Yan Yuhua was appointed the head of Ward 9. Yan Yuhua set up a brainwashing center in the ward, and Ms. Dong was taken there. Every day, practitioners had to watch and listen to videos and audiotapes that slandered Dafa. Every few days, criminal inmates came and verbally abused Ms. Dong. They did this for an entire year. Deputy ward head: Jia Wenjun; guard: Wang Shaojian; criminals: Xu Zhen, Qiao Chunyan, Tao Hong, Li Dezhi, Jiao Hongxia, Zhang Fang.

On April, 2006, Ms. Dong was taken to Ward 1.

On October 28, 2006, Liu Zhiqiang, prison head, set up two new wards, Ward 11 and Ward 13, which were created to hold only Falun Gong practitioners.

In April 2008, Ms. Dong was taken to Ward 11 for further persecution. Since September 2008, she has been held in Ward 5. Ward 11 heads: Wang Yali, Tao Dandan; Head of the criminals: Cui Xiang

Ward 5: Heads: Wu Huili, Yuan Jing; guards: Wang Yanan, Yu Miao, Bi Lei
Head of the criminals: Jiao Yunjie; the criminal who monitored Ms. Dong: Jiang Yuling

After Ms. Dong Limin was sentenced to 14 years, her husband divorced her.

Harbin Women's Prison in Heilongjiang Province