(Clearwisdom.net) Once I came across a magazine article that stated: “If a woman in her thirties has swollen lumps in her breasts, it is usually a precursor to a cancerous growth, which could become malignant after she turns forty.” At that time I thought to myself, I have lumps on the sides of both my breasts and I am already in my forties. Afterwards, I did not pay attention to this issue further.

After a while, although I wasn’t sure which of my human attachments were being taken advantage of by the evil elements, the area around the sides of my breasts, armpits and back started to hurt. It became increasingly painful and the symptoms were exactly like what the magazine described. I became alert immediately and quickly came to my senses: The evil elements are taking advantage of my human attachments. This is because I know that as a practitioner, I do not have any illnesses. I thought to myself that I should not have read that magazine. When I read the article I was seeking something, and then the bad elements were able to force themselves into my body. This was the result of my not being strict with myself. I immediately sat down to send righteous thoughts, and I also said: “I am Master’s disciple; I don’t want other beings' arrangements. I do not acknowledge them and will only follow Master’s arrangements. All the abnormal manifestations in my body are only a falsehood created by the old evil forces. Even if they are not, I will not allow them to exist. I am a steadfast practitioner with faith as strong as diamond and nobody can move me. Whoever touches me is committing a crime.” After I sent out strong righteous thoughts, the parts of my body that were in immense pain immediately stopped hurting.

There was another case of sickness karma involving a practitioner living near me. She had itchy skin because she dyed her hair and had an allergic reaction to the chemicals. There were many itchy bumps on her scalp and neck. The more she scratched, the itchier it got. The itchy bumps merged and became itchy patches. Her skin was all scabbed and inflamed due to the scratching. Then her face became very swollen and her eyes were swollen too. She sent righteous thoughts every day and also begged Master to help in reducing the tribulation. She also became diligent in her Fa study. She memorized the Fa and looked inwards for any attachments and shortcomings that she should change. She worked hard at letting go of her human attachments, but nothing worked. Her colleagues asked her, “You frequently told us, if we believed from our hearts that Falun Dafa is good, and the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, then our bodies would naturally be healthy. But you are a practitioner, how come your skin has not gotten better after so many months?” After this practitioner heard those words, she really felt that she had nothing to say and that she had caused losses to Dafa. Once after Fa study, she asked me, “If you were me, what would you do?” I said to her, “You must have strong faith in Master and in Dafa. With righteous thoughts, you will be able to overcome this tribulation.” I forgot what else I said.

After I returned home, and as I was going to bed that night, I felt my body also become very itchy. I started scratching. The more I scratched, the itchier it got. I was itchy from head to toe, even my finger-tips were itchy. When I scratched, sores would form, and the sores would burst once I further scratched them. During the daytime, I could refrain from scratching, but it was much more difficult at night. I would scratch so much in my sleep that the skin all over my body was scabbed and bleeding. It was summer and my arms and legs were not covered with clothing. My colleagues and neighbors all asked me what happened. I knew that it was because I had human attachments and did not defy the persecution in a timely manner. I thought to myself, “I must not cause damage to the reputation of Dafa, I must also increase the strength of my righteous thoughts for my fellow practitioner,” whom I mentioned earlier. I did not go to work, and on the first day I sent out strong righteous thoughts, “I am created by Dafa, I am my Master’s disciple. Regardless of my attachments, I will assimilate to Dafa along the cultivation path arranged by Master.” I begged Master to give me strength. I must use myself as an example to validate Dafa and show that Dafa is supernormal.

I sent righteous thoughts many times and each time I would persist for half an hour. On that same night, my whole body stopped itching. The next day, all the scabs and sores over my body subsided. On the third day, I totally recovered.

I knew that it was my steadfast faith in Dafa that allowed me to assimilate to the Fa. Great and compassionate Master had once again helped me eliminate a tribulation. At the same time, the fellow practitioner also assimilated to Dafa and improved her condition. Master also helped her eliminate the tribulation. It wasn’t long before her whole body stopped itching.