(Clearwisdom.net) After sending forth righteous thoughts at 8:00 p.m., on February 15, 2011, my wife said, “You see, your palm was falling again. Can't you be more diligent and have a stronger main consciousness?” I felt bad, because my palm kept falling at the 8:00 p.m. time for sending forth righteous thoughts, and although I tried to strengthen my main consciousness, my palm would fall again soon after. I was very frustrated by that. I thought my wife sometimes fell asleep during the noon sending forth righteous thoughts, so I said to her, “Don't just yell at me, your palm often wavers at noon.” My wife answered, “But my palm did not fall at this time.” I could not restrain myself, and said, “Why don't you correct yourself first, and be my role model...” Finally I came to my right mind and said, “We are pointing fingers at others, but neither of us has looked inside.” We both were silent, and I looked inside.

My wife and I formed a local group. At our 8:30 meeting, when we were doing Exercise Five, I was surprised to see my main consciousness was very strong, and I was not foggy headed or sleepy. After the sitting exercise, I thought I should share with our group what I learned from looking inside, first of all to expose the bad elements in order to dissolve them, and secondly to contribute my share to help our group form a “looking inside” mechanism.

I told my wife, “Those words we said were not in vain; they helped us look inside. I had an attachment to not wanting to hear criticism, but wanting to hear praise only. When I talked back to you, that exposed my attachment of competition. I only want others to change, but I am not willing to change myself. All these are characteristics of the old cosmos, how can they enter the new cosmos? Those words also exposed my attachment to reputation. Seeing you in a bad state when sending forth righteous thoughts at noon, I felt anxious for you. That revealed my sentimentality.”

Ever since I seriously looked inside, I have had a clear mind during the 8:00 p.m. sending forth righteous thoughts and at 8:30 when we do Exercise Five. That sleepy state never came back. I enlightened that looking inside can rectify our own incorrect states, which is conforming to the new cosmos' characteristics. Let us let go of any big or small problems, find and eliminate our attachments, and purify ourselves. We do so little, while Master gives us so much! Under such a great Master's merciful care, we have no excuse not to do well.

Thank you, Master! Your disciples will do well for sure!