(Clearwisdom.net) In the spring of 1997, my husband had a sudden stroke. He had slurred speech, drooling, blurred vision and was diagnosed with hypertension, hypercholesteremia, hyperglycemia, and stroke. His doctor told him to avoid eating meat, eggs and flour. Instead he was advised to only eat beans. In order to cure his ailments, we sought treatment in various hospitals, and tried both Chinese and Western medicine, as well as Qigong and other folk remedies. He needed to drink a large bowl of Chinese herbal medicine and take a large amount of Western medicine after each meal. He once was good-tempered, yet he became short-tempered because of his illnesses. At the end of 1997, he once again suffered stroke even though he had been on medication. The second time left him much worse off than the first stroke. He could barely stand up and his body was stiff. Our whole family was worried.

Just when we were in despair, I came across one of my former classmates whom I had not seen for years. She introduced us to Falun Gong. She told us that she had suffered from a severe disease and that she was unable to work. After practicing Falun Gong, she recovered and could work again. That night, she invited us to join the practice site in Baihebian. We went there and did not feel much of a difference then. But the next morning, we went again with her. Because we walked slowly and were a little late, we only did the second exercise – holding the wheel. I did not practice. Instead I watched out for my husband because he could not stand very steadily. When he practiced the second set of exercises, I saw him suddenly shake once. I hurried to support him. However, he did not fall. Instead he stood more steadily than before.

After finishing the exercises, my husband smiled and told me, “I've decided to practice Falun Gong. It is so miraculous! When we did the second set of exercises, I felt a thunderclap in my head and I became connected. I felt as though a big piece of stone had fallen from me and that I had become light!” He happily turned his head from left to right and said, “See! My neck is no longer stiff.” We were all happy for him. I smiled because this was his first smile in over a year. Since he had a stroke, he become short-tempered. I tried everything to make him happier. That day, we got the precious book Zhuan Falun and started practicing Falun Gong.

There have been many miracles in our path of cultivation. Here I only give several examples. One time when I was studying the Fa, I found that all the words on that page appeared to be red like the color of red precious stone. When I started reading another page, the words on that page became red too. It lasted the whole morning. I stopped at noon that day. I felt as if I had melded with the Fa and was very comfortable. One time when I was doing the sitting meditation, when I moved my right hand under my chin, I felt as if a small subject had fallen off from my nose to my arm. I opened my eyes and saw a little person on my arm. He was jumping and running happily. He was very cute and funny. Soon after he climbed up again.

One time while deeply concentrated in studying the Fa, I saw the pages become transparent like crystals. Every word in the book Zhuan Falun became three dimensional and stood on top of the crystals. The characters could also become bigger or smaller.

Another time I was studying the Fa. I felt very comfortable and my eyes were very clear. The rows of words in the book Zhuan Falun appeared as ladders to heaven. There appeared a platform at every ninth step. The ladder extended upwards infinitely.

We have so much to share about our cultivation experience. Our every step has been guided by Teacher. We are truly the most fortunate people. Where does our happiness originate from? All of our blessings originate from Teacher. All of our joys are gifts from Teacher.