(Clearwisdom.net) One day, when I was meditating, I saw through my third eye that the Minghui website was like an infinite scroll spreading throughout the immense universe, emitting a very bright, golden light. Although the height, density, and transparency of the light differed from paragraph to paragraph, it really dazzled my eyes. I realized that Master let me see what the Minghui website looked like in other dimensions in order to give me some encouragement.

In June 2006, I visited the Minghui website for the first time, and I was very pleased to see a website which was created by Dafa practitioners. I felt as if I had returned home.

Since then, I have been visiting the Minghui website and reading all the articles every day, regardless of how busy I am.

Whenever Master published an article, I was always able to download it for further study as soon as possible. Doing so greatly contributed to cultivating myself diligently and doing the three things well. Moreover, I submitted articles to Minghui about my cultivation experiences, about fellow practitioners' activities of validating the Fa, and about the wicked persecution of Dafa practitioners. I submitted articles because I thought it was inappropriate for me to benefit from the Minghui website without also contributing to it. It was also part of my cultivation to validate the Fa by supporting Minghui with righteous thoughts and actions.

My understanding is that the format which practitioners are using to validate the Fa will not only be given to people in the future, but also be left in different parts of the universe. Furthermore, by sharing our experiences of cultivation on the Minghui website, we have a very good environment in which we can compare ourselves to each other in studying the Fa and in cultivating, and thus improve together. We have no excuse not to do this “homework”.

Many fellow practitioners are well-educated. They published many ordinary articles before they became practitioners. However, after they started to cultivate, when practitioners asked them to share their cultivation experiences, they said they were not doing well in cultivation and that there was nothing for them to share with other practitioners. They are blocked by their human notions and attachments. We have so many practitioners in China and overseas. But only a one thousandth of practitioners have submitted articles to the Minghui website for publication. That's not enough.

We should not only do the three things well, but we should also care more about our website. If we give our support to the Minghui website and help to promote the website, it will have a greater effect and more practitioners will be able to benefit from it. In addition, everyday people will have more opportunities to learn the facts about Dafa and be saved.

Please point out anything inappropriate.