(Clearwisdom.net) A few elderly fellow practitioners and I often study the Fa, share experiences and clarify the truth together. We bought a computer and a color laser printer, and I was in charge of preparing the truth-clarification materials. Here I'd like to share my experiences and understanding from copying discs and printing materials.

Learning to copy discs

Several years ago I wished to copy discs by myself, and my son said that he wanted to buy a CD copier to burn movie CDs. I encouraged him to buy it. However, after he bought it, he said that the software did not work and failed to copy the discs. One day when he was out, I installed the software by myself and successfully copied several discs.

Several days later, I overheard my son talking to his classmates about how he had bought a CD copier that did not work. I told them that I was able to copy the discs with it and they were surprised. My son told his classmates, “I played with the computer for such a long time and I still could not figure it out. It's incredible that my mom copied CDs on it!” Afterwards, I explained how I installed the software and copied the CDs. Since I did not know English, I clicked this and that, and then had success shortly thereafter. I know that Master's fashen was helping me, although I did not see anything.

I recalled that when my cousin was learning to practice Falun Gong, she did not know how to do the wheel turning movement in the third exercise. She was anxious. One day when she was reading Zhuan Falun, she saw two hands teaching her the movement. It's the same when we prepare and hand out truth-clarification material. As long as we have this wish and are willing to do what is needed, everything is done with the help of Master.

Learning to print material and refill a printer cartridge

Our printer is an all-purpose machine, and the instructions are in English. It's difficult for me since I don't know English. At the beginning, I had a lot of trouble, but I solved all the problems with Master's help. Because I did not know English, I printed the words and then asked my child to translate. Gradually I knew the meaning and could print the brochures and flyers easily.

After the printer cartridge was used up, I refilled it at the Electronic City store, where a cartridge costs eighty to a hundred yuan, and four cartridges cost several hundred yuan. I treasure our limited Dafa resources a lot, so I made sure to pay full attention to the procedure and method of refilling at the store. After I returned home, I attempted several times to refill a cartridge by myself. I bought some powder and decided to give it a try.

It's easy to watch others refilling, but as I began to do it, I did not even know where to start. I felt quite pathetic. I had no one to turn to and wished someone could teach me. The fellow practitioners around me are elderly ladies. My family members often said that I was stupid, as it's only simple manual dexterity that's required to refill the cartridge. I asked myself if I could do it, but had strong doubts about my capabilities. The internal battle of whether I could succeed continued in my mind. I thought for a while: “You can do it, definitely!” Later, I thought again: “It's so hard, how could an elderly lady like myself do this!” I could not help crying.

I knew that this was a fight between the true self and the false self! I made up my mind and sent a strong righteous thought: I have nothing to fear with Master and the Fa in my heart! I am a Dafa disciple and not an old lady. I can do this very well.

After I had this righteous thought, a miracle occurred: one day when I went to Electronic City to buy material, I happened to see a wholesale store that sold the powder I needed. I talked to a salesman and asked him to teach me how to refill it. He said that it would be easier to show me, rather than just tell me, and asked that I grab a cartridge. I was so happy to be able to learn. Several days later I came back with empty cartridges, I let him teach me the process. He said, “You refill it by yourself, I'll watch you. I will show you how to do it and what to pay attention to. You'll never learn unless you try.” Wasn't this arranged by Master? By following his instructions, I opened the drum, cleaned out the waste toner and then refilled it. He showed me a few tips, and thus I solved the problem that was seemingly difficult. Now I can refill toners quickly and have saved a lot of money. It's really true that “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the Master.” (Zhuan Falun)

It's still cultivation while preparing truth-clarification materials, and the requirements are very high

When we bought the laser printer, I knew that the machine easily overheated. While printing, I was afraid that it would become hot so I felt it with my hand. If it was hot, I would stop printing. It became extremely hot after printing nearly a hundred pages. After cooling down for a while, it could only print a handful of copies or at the most a dozen copies. It was running but failed to print. I was very upset, thinking: “The machine is so expensive, how could it not work well?” I was regretting buying it. The printer became even worse afterwards.

One day the printer stopped printing after I finished a dozen pages. I was alarmed when it started running without printing. I thought: This isn't right, do I have a problem? Master said that “...good or evil comes from a person's spontaneous thought.” (Zhuan Falun) I must have had a wrong thought, and I said to the printer, “You are a life for the Fa and you are supposed to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Everything must be perfect. I did not think righteously and stopped you from playing a good role. Let's do it well and print many copies of these truth-clarification materials, assist Master in Fa-rectification and save sentient beings, OK?” Amazingly, the printer immediately worked well; page after page was printed without delay. Though it became hot, it never stopped printing.

I was greatly moved by this, and really understood the reason why Master repeatedly tells us to strengthen our righteous thoughts. I realized that looking at the issue with righteous thoughts is being a god, and gods can do anything. While printing truth-clarification materials, if we have pure and righteous thoughts, then everything in our dimensions will become as pure as our minds; we can achieve twice the results with half the effort in such a sacred environment. Thinking and solving a problem with human notions is human, and it's far inferior. Humans can only do things slowly, with their own hands, so of course the effect is a far cry from what gods are able to accomplish.

Now, I not only burn discs and print materials, I also teach the skill to fellow practitioners. I can also repair Mp3 and Mp4 players if other elderly practitioners have problems with them. I know that all my abilities are given to me by Master. I have a deeper understanding of Master's Fa principle: “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the Master” (Zhuan Falun). Thank you Master!