(Clearwisdom.net) I used to never think that sending forth righteous thoughts was really effective, so I often couldn't focus while sending forth righteous thoughts. Though I did it at four o'clock every day, I regarded it only as a task to perform. It was not until 2008, when I witnessed the elimination of the evil Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) flag by my righteous thought, that I gained a firmer belief in Teacher and Dafa.

Gettting Rid of the Evil CCP's Flag

I lived in the center of downtown. Opposite my house stood a steel pole more than five meters tall; it was used specifically to hang the CCP's blood-red flag, which was displayed on the CCP's holidays and the Chinese New Year.

At approximately 1 p.m. on February 20, 2008, a fellow practitioner came to visit me and noticed the flag outside of my window. He was very surprised and asked me, “Why is there a blood-red flag outside?” I replied, “It was put up on the Chinese New Year.” He asked me, “Have you ever tried to eliminate it with your righteous thoughts?” I said, “Yes, I did, but I didn't continue to do it.” He said, “Don't stop, keep on doing it.” I said, “Yes, I will.”

It was about time to send forth righteous thoughts when that practitioner left. Before I started, I was thinking of the surprise on his face when he saw the flag. I also thought about what we had discussed regarding eliminating it by using righteous thoughts. The more I thought about it, the more I felt it was not accidental.

Teacher said,

“I can tell you that every situation that occurs during the course of cultivation is related to you, so you have to cultivate.”(“Lecture at the First Conference in North America”)

I suddenly realized that Teacher had hinted that I was not doing well in sending forth righteous thoughts. I hadn’t attached any importance to eliminating the evil with righteous thoughts, which should be my responsibility. It was time to send forth righteous thoughts. I solidified my firm belief in Teacher and the Fa before starting and fixed my mind on that flag, eliminating the communist specters and elements in other dimensions with my strong righteous thoughts. I also asked Teacher to strengthen me, so that the flag would come down.

After sending forth righteous thoughts for 15 minutes, I forgot about it and went out to take care of some business. When I got back, I noticed that the flag had been pulled down and was now tied to the bottom of the pole.

Teacher said,

“... when a person’s True Thoughts come forth they are very powerful.” (“Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I realized the following:

  1. I identified my human thought that my belief in Teacher and the Fa was not quite firm. As soon as I became aware of this thought, I eliminated it completely. As a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period, I now believe that a firm belief in Teacher and the Fa is the most powerful way to have righteous thoughts.

  2. We should not carry any human thoughts. We should be free of attachments while sending forth righteous thoughts, because an attachment could prevent righteous thoughts from having the power to eliminate the evil. Therefore, we should keep calm, in a state of wuwei (non-action), while sending forth righteous thoughts. We should be determined. Without any pursuit, we will gain naturally.

  3. Fellow practitioners’ encouragement and assimilation could help me to gain confidence in sending forth righteous thoughts.

On October 1, 2009, the blood-red flag was hanging outside my window again. It was tied to an extra bamboo pole. After I noticed it, I started sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate it. However, it was still there one month later.

My grandson, an eight-year-old practitioner, came to my home on November 2, 2009. When he saw the flag fluttering outside the window, he said, “It’s very windy today. Why don’t you have the pole break?” I suddenly realized that Teacher gave me a hint through the little practitioner’s words to help me to figure out a wise and effective way to send forth powerful righteous thoughts to eliminate the flag.

When I sent forth righteous thoughts right on the hour, I added one powerful thought: to have the pole break. I was busy with my own things after that. After a while, my grandson told me joyfully, “Grandpa, the pole outside is broken and the flag is down. Come and take a look!”

Since then, I have attached great importance to asking Teacher for help and to sending forth righteous thoughts. I have also made good use of the supernormal abilities that Teacher has bestowed upon us, so that I can always be in a divine state.

Money in the Material Production Site Accrued Automatically

I set up a material production site at home. All of the money used to produce materials was donated by fellow practitioners. The responsible person asked me to take care of the money and decide how to use it. We do not have any accounting or monitoring system. However, as a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period, I want to be responsible to Dafa, to fellow practitioners, and to myself. Therefore, I want to use the money for the right purpose, spending every cent on the great mission of assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. This absolutely should not be allowed to go astray.

Teacher said,

“I can tell you that there are many great enlightened people watching this event. This is the last time we will teach a righteous way in the Dharma-ending Period. In doing so, we also do not allow it to go astray.” (Zhuan Falun)

I put the money inside a box and hid it in a place that even my family practitioners didn't know about. I never kept books for the money I spent. I just took the money out of the box when I needed it and only kept in mind the total sum that we had for the Fa validation work.

At the end of last year, practitioners donated more money than ever, as they knew that we badly needed the money at the time. Soon the amount of money in my material production site increased to more than 5,000 yuan. I asked the responsible person to stop giving me money. I told the general coordinator, “There is some money in my material production site. Tomorrow I will bring over several thousand yuan for you to purchase DVDs of Shen Yun shows with.” I knew how much money I had in my box and decided to give him several thousand yuan. The following day, I opened the box and was surprised to find even more cash in there. I counted the money and found that the amount had increased to more than 10,000 yuan, so I gave the general coordinator several thousand yuan more than I had originally planned.

On my way home, I wondered: “Why is there so much more money? Where did it come from?” I thought about this for a while, but still could not figure out the answer.

One night several days after this incident, I read an article on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website titled, “Who Is Adding Money to Our Material Production Site?” I came to realize that compassionate Teacher had been silently helping my material production site throughout all these years. My eyes were full of tears. I can't describe what I felt. For a long time I couldn't calm down.

I realized one point: When there is a divine occurrence, it happens through a lack of attachments and human thoughts.

Teacher said in Hong Yin,

“Human thoughts are nowhere found.” (“The Difference Between Mortal and Divine”)

It's the state of a divine being. At that moment, we are really divine beings. We are then divine beings among humans, just as Teacher has said.

Selected from "Call for Articles about Divine Occurrences in the Human World"