(Clearwisdom.net) Master said in “Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference:” “Compassion is an enormous energy.” The other day when I saw a senior fellow practitioner save a CCP official with compassion, I recalled a similar experience I had that made a deep impression on me.

One of my colleagues' parents is a CCP official. After I clarified the truth about Falun Gong to her several times, she only partially accepted it and it seemed that she did not really agree with what I said. One time, she made a mistake at work and the client reported it to the company manager. She could not stand it and worried that the company would punish her. She received such a big blow not long after she graduated, how could she face the future? I advised her not to fight back with the client, to take responsibility if she were wrong, and to humbly accept it if management punished her. She felt my kindness since I really thought for her sake and for her own good. She was moved, and, in turn, she told me, "You are very sincere; I will do as you say." Later, this problem was resolved really well. After that she changed. Every time she saw me she greeted me. She also took truth-clarification materials for her family members.

This makes me think that sometimes we feel very justified, but ordinary people are still indifferent. Actually, in many cases it is a person persuading another person. Although what you say is reasonable, it lacks the energy of compassion, and you cannot move people, especially those who feel that their life is already pretty good. Because the moral standards of ordinary people are limited, and they don't believe in Buddhas and Gods, they are indifferent if it does not affect their immediate self-interest. Once compassion emerges, he or she will be surrounded and affected by the energy of compassion. Then it's not so important if the words that you say sound good, since they are already moved by your compassion. Of course, compassion comes from cultivation, not from action. As cultivators, with compassion and true thoughts, we can break all kinds of human notions, really think for the sake of others, and then we can save sentient beings.