(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Zhenghe was a teacher at Huaikou Middle School in Jintang County, Sichuan Province. He and his wife Zhong Zhifang both practice Falun Gong. Mr. Wang's nearly 80-year-old father lived with them. In June 2008, Mr. Wang and his wife were sent to forced labor camps, and their detention term is going to expire in June 2011. Mr. Wang's father and his mother-in-law were very sad after their children were illegally arrested. Two years later, both of them passed away.

In June 2008, the couple went to Jianyang County to distribute truth-clarifying materials and were arrested by the police. They were sent to prison by the Jianyang County Police Department. Mr. Wang was sentenced to three years and is detained at Wumaping Prison in Leshan City. Ms. Zhong was sentenced to three and a half years and is detained at Yangmahe Prison in Jianyang County.

Before the persecution, the couple lived a peaceful and normal life. Mr. Wang's nearly 80-year-old father lived with them, and he was very healthy. However, their lives were suddenly turned upside down because of the persecution launched by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Wang's father saw how his son and daughter-in-law were being persecuted. He became very worried, frightened, and miserable. The anxiety and stress resulted in his becoming partially paralyzed. He couldn't take care of himself and had to live with his oldest son in the village.

During those years, he was very depressed and missed his son and daughter-in-law. After January 1, 2011, his health became worse. Before he died, he kept worrying about his son and daughter-in-law and wanted to see them one last time. The family called the prison many times and tried to reason with prison personnel so that the old man could have his last wish fulfilled. The first time the family called, prison personnel hung up right after listening to the reason for the call. The family kept on calling, but the people at the prison just made various excuses such as “the one in charge is not here,” “today is a holiday, there is no one to take care of your request,” etc.

In the end, the father was never allowed to see his son and daughter-in-law before passing away.

During the second half of 2010, Zhong Zhifang's mother became sick. Soon her condition worsened and she became critically ill. In the end, she couldn't even speak. Yangmahe Prison allowed Zhong Zhifang to go to Zusong Hospital in Jintang County for one hour. However, she was wearing a prison uniform and in handcuffs, and was surrounded by several policemen. Zhong Zhifang finally saw her mother, but she wasn't allowed to talk to her. The policemen stood very close to her in order to separate her from her family members.

When the dying mother saw her beloved daughter being treated this way, it is not hard to imagine how terrible she must have felt. The mother passed away, as well.

In June 2011, the couple's detention terms will expire. Details of their persecution are still under investigation.