(Clearwisdom.net) During the past few years, more than one hundred Falun Gong practitioners have been held at Gansu Women's Prison, where officials have subjected them to violence and brainwashing.

The prison has a section specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, called the “Anti-evil cult section.” The guards in this section have handpicked more than twenty heavily-sentenced criminals out of the 1,800-plus detainees to help monitor and brutalize practitioners. The following are the details of how these guards and monitors work together against practitioners.

1. Guards Instigate Monitors with Lies and Incite Their Hatred of Falun Gong

Guard Zhu Hong often instigated monitors to harbor hatred toward Falun Gong, and urged the monitors to torture practitioners using the cruelest methods imaginable. Monitor Li Yan once said, “I’ll kill you if you refuse to 'reform'.”

2. All Practitioners Forced to Undergo Brainwashing

As soon as practitioners were taken to the section, they were stripped and body searched, then ordered to wear prison uniforms and listen to propaganda against Falun Gong. The guards had a collection of defamatory stories, and played one story daily, over and over again, for 13-14 hours non-stop. When they finished broadcasting all the stories in a span of about two months, they began their attempts to have practitioners write four statements, promising to give up their beliefs. Those who succumbed to the pressure were transferred to another division to do hard labor. Determined practitioners remained in the section and were brutally tortured. When their terms expired, Gansu Province 610 Office personnel came to take them to the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center.

3. Determined Practitioners Brutally Tortured

Guard Li was especially cruel, and he often beat practitioners. He once struck me in the face so hard that nine of my teeth fell out, my head was spinning, and my blood pressure shot up. On another occasion he shocked a practitioner over her whole body with an electric baton. Her skin was burned, and it ruptured and festered after sustained torture. Even six months later, she still had visible scars on her arms.

Some practitioners managed to expose Li’s crimes on the Minghui website. After learning of this, Li went into a rage. He ordered a group of monitors to kick, punch, and pinch practitioners. One practitioner suffered broken ribs and couldn’t walk normally for more than seven months.

Ms. Ma Jun from Lanzhou City, who is in her late sixties, was sentenced to ten years and imprisoned in late 2006. Because she firmly refused to give up her belief, the guards kept her in solitary confinement for 56 days. The cell had a death bed, a tiger bench, and a small hole in the floor for her to relieve herself. There was no glass in the window, only an old rag to prevent people from seeing what was going on inside. Ms. Ma Jun was cuffed to the tiger bench during the day and tied to the death bed at night. It was deep winter, but the guards provided no bed covers.


Illustration of a death bed

The guards transferred Ms. Ma Jun to Division 4 in 2007. On December 29 of the Chinese lunar calendar, division head Weng Da took away all of her bedding, leaving her shivering in the cold at night. He didn’t return her bedding until twelve days later, when she wrote a guarantee statement against her will. Monitor Li Dahong beat her every day for one hundred days, eventually paralyzing her. Guard Weng Da ignored Ms. Ma's suffering, and financially rewarded monitor Li.

Ms. Zhang Zhimin from Lanzhou City, who is in her fifties, witnessed monitor Li Dahong brutalizing Ms. Ma and tried to stop him. Guard Weng Da intervened, cuffed Ms. Zhang, and hung her up in the air from a wooden beam by the handcuffs. She was hung there for five days straight, and was forced to relieve herself in her pants during that time. She was not let down until other practitioners were about to hold a group hunger strike to protest. When Ms. Zhang's eight-year term was up in April 2010, according to a witness, Ms. Zhang was secretly taken out one day at 4:00 a.m. by officers from the Gansu Province 610 Office. Four strong men who were waiting outside quickly sealed Ms. Zhang's mouth with tape and took her to the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center. We have received no information about her since.

Ms. Zhang Ping, around 38, from Lanzhou City, was detained in the section. In January 2007, after she shouted, “Falun Dafa is good,” she was sent to solitary confinement. During the Chinese New Year, some people saw that her face and hands had become very swollen and deformed due to the cold. When she was transferred to Division 4, the guards handcuffed her hands behind her back. This torture was very painful. The guards twisted one of her hands behind her back to meet with the other hand which was pulled over her shoulder. To make her suffer even more, a monitor pressed her head down to her knees. The perpetrators kept her in this torturous posture. Ms. Zhang didn't cooperate with them and refused to perform forced labor, so the guards and monitors used various means to torture her.


Handcuffing behind the back

Ms. Zhang Wenjuan was forced to stand against a wall for extended periods. A group of monitors took turns watching over her and deprived her of sleep for two straight weeks. Her legs and feet were so swollen that she couldn’t put on her socks and shoes.


Standing against a wall

Ms. Liu Lanying and Kong Jie (a doctoral student in her forties, from Beijing) were both forced to bend down with their hands touching the ground. Several monitors took turns whipping their bottoms with a shoe. In no time their buttocks turned black and blue. After two hours of this torture Ms. Liu Lanying lost consciousness.

Ms. Zhao Changju is from Anxi, Dunhuang City. While serving an eight-year sentence, she was beaten on a daily basis. The guards beat her even when she was using the toilet. Her body was constantly swollen, and she often had difficulty opening her eyes. Guard Zhu Hongqiang forced her to stand or squat for several days in a row without sleep. Due to the long-term torture, she developed tuberculosis. The guards often threatened to send her to the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center upon expiration of her term.

4. The CCP's Disgraceful Acts Towards Practitioners

Four to five monitors, led by Yang Jing, filled a balloon with human waste on December 27, 2010. They poked a hole in the balloon and squeezed out the waste onto practitioner Hua Ting’s head, neck, nose, and mouth. This despicable act happened frequently.

Monitor Li Yan went all out to humiliate practitioners. When practitioners were in the middle of using the toilet, she immediately ordered them to stand up or she pulled them up. When the practitioners were in the middle of taking a shower, she ordered them to put on clothes without giving them a chance to dry their bodies. She beat the practitioners when they failed to follow her orders.

The guards forbade practitioners from making eye contact with or talking to one another. They beat those who they deemed disobedient.

It was commonplace for the guards and monitors to beat practitioners at will. A 23-year-old monitor once verbally abused and brutally beat a practitioner who was about the age of her mother. Thirty-year-old monitor Wang Li pushed practitioner Ms. Wang Lingzhi, in her fifties, hard from behind. Ms. Wang Lingzhi lost her balance and knocked over a hot water flask. Wang Li picked her up and pushed her again, making her fall a second time. Wang Li repeated this many times.

A practitioner in her fifties from Jinchang City was walking when monitor Li Yan caught her from behind and battered her with punches and kicks all over her body. Her teeth became loose as a result and she became bedridden. Her leg muscles also began to atrophy, and she still couldn’t recover after several years. On another occasion, a practitioner was retrieving something from a cabinet when Li Yan kicked her in the back extremely hard. She felt such sharp pain, and she couldn’t stand or walk, but Li Yan forced her to pull herself up anyway. At night it took a great effort to just lie down, and in the morning she had to hold on tight to the bed to stand up. She could walk only very slowly.

Prison head: Gan Yumei
Deputy heads: Zhao, Dai Wenqin, An Qun, and Zhu Xianzhong
Guards in the section: Zhu Hong, Sun Liwei, Wang, Dong Shangheng, Lai Yidan, and Cao Meng
Section switchboard: 86-931-4810365