(Clearwisdom.net) Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I believed that life was only a form of existence, with each being following the course of birth, aging, illness and death. My understanding of life has drastically changed. I realize now that every life form has its own source and direction, and that in principle, life doesn't end. Lower life forms exist in a cycle of reincarnation, while higher life forms live for eternity in their worlds.

Practitioners are in the process of cultivation, and returning to their true selves. This is magnificent and filled with wonders. As we are still cultivating at the lowest level of the universe, tribulations will abound, many questions cannot be answered and our divine sides cannot be shown. But what Master has told us already can help us feel the infinite magnificence and divinity of our lives as Dafa practitioners, allowing us to treasure our lives even more.

Whenever I experience tribulations, I ask myself three questions. Where do I come from? Why have I come here? Where am I heading? I am then immediately filled with righteous thoughts and become strongly motivated to pass the test. As a being that assimilates to the Fa, these thoughts and actions can create an entirely new understanding of the meaning of life. It is the rebirth of a life in Dafa or perhaps the dawn of a new life.

Looking at the current world, which is full of morally depraved acts, many beings are already lost in emotion and humanness, and cannot find their true selves. Some people fight with others over fame and money; some people will do anything for personal gain; some are immersed in sentimentality and emotion; and others are manipulated by the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies and propaganda. They don't understand the truth, nor do they want to listen to the truth, and refuse to be saved. They don't know how to cherish their lives. But is this their fault? In such circumstances, practitioners are their only hope of salvation. We should compassionately awaken their conscience and try to save them.

Our compassionate Master has told us many heavenly secrets. Master has told us how valuable each practitioner's life is. Master has told us where we came from and what we are supposed to do, and told us the importance of cultivating, and the urgency of saving sentient beings. I should cherish myself much more because my life does not belong to me. It is the great Master who has given me my life, and I shoulder the responsibility of saving sentient beings.