(Clearwisdom.net) I followed my mother's footsteps into Dafa practice. Over the past ten years, I have continued cultivating due to my mother's constant encouragement. So often I heard, “You have not been exercising much recently, this is not good, you need to change your benti...” “Have you studied the Fa yet today?” “Hey, look at the time, hurry up and send forth righteous thoughts,” etc.

A while ago, I was very busy and slacked off in my cultivation, and my mother reminded me more often. At one point, I could no longer handle it and said, “Cultivation is my personal decision, stop bothering me!” I knew my mother must have been very upset that day. I dreamed that night that we returned to our old house in Beijing, but everything was so changed that I couldn't find my way home. My mother appeared, and I immediately took hold of her hand and said, “Mother, hold me tight. Otherwise, I can't find my way home. Don't let go of me.”

The dream was so vivid that I began crying after I woke up. The implication was so obvious. My mother had helped me so much and I didn't cherish it. I later noticed my fellow practitioners had similar experiences, with the parents usually urging their children to send forth righteous thoughts, study the Fa, and exercise, and their children being impatient and upset, particularly the teenagers.

I remembered people asked me, “How did you walk onto the path of cultivation? Why do you cultivate?” I was often speechless, I had no answer. When I was ten, my mother took me with her to attend Master's nine-day lecture series. She had been encouraging me to cultivate ever since. I began to think about the problem deeply. On the surface it is mother who guided me, but it must have been my choice in the remote past. I chose to follow Master to descend to the world and help with Fa rectification. I chose a family with whom I could obtain the Fa, someone like my mother who could urge me on and prevent me from becoming lost in the human world.

I am ashamed that after cultivating for so many years, I still utter irrational words. I want to thank my mother, and assure her that I will no longer be irrational. When someone asks me why I cultivate, I will answer them firmly, "It is my choice, I want to help Fa rectification, and return to my true home."