(Clearwisdom.net) Each Dafa practitioner has supernatural abilities. As long as I have righteous thoughts, Master will allow me to use these abilities.

In 2005, I was illegally arrested and brutally tortured. I was taken to a freezing-cold basement where the police were trying to force me to reveal information about other practitioners. I was not wearing warm clothes and had my menses. Two policemen took turns to watch me. For almost six hours I was locked into a very high metal chair. My hands were cuffed on the chair and my feet were off the ground. When the policemen felt too cold to come down to the basement, they took me to a detention center. Although it was very cold, I felt warm inside my body. I knew that Master was protecting me.

A few days later I was taken to that basement again. This time I wore even less clothing and did not wear shoes. I thought I should not let the evil police persecute me any more and I could use my supernatural abilities. Master said,

“You may have learned from novels martial arts techniques such as the so-called Golden Bell Shield, Iron Cloth Shirt, and striking through a poplar tree from one hundred paces away. With the light martial arts, one can travel back and forth in high locations. Some can even enter another dimension.” (Zhuan Falun)

They demanded to know whether I wanted to say anything about other practitioners. I said no. Then they showed me an instrument of torture. I was not afraid. Guard Wang Lixue and another man started to twist my arms. It hurt so much that I kept shouting, “Master, please help me! Master, please help me!” The third time I did not shout out any more because I knew that Master was helping me. I started to recite Lunyu. When I was reciting the first sentence, Wang Lixue said, “Let's stop here.” Then I was taken back. They took turns to watch me and did not let me sleep.

The next day they ordered my husband to visit me. I told my husband that if I were sentenced I would divorce him so that he would not be implicated. He replied, “Even if you are going to be sentenced to ten years I will wait for you.”

A month later I was taken to a forced labor camp. During the physical examination I sent righteous thoughts toward the exam machine, mentally saying, “I am a Dafa practitioner. You should not cooperate with the policemen to persecute me. You should make false results.” The exam findings revealed coronary heart disease, and the labor camp did not accept me. I kept sending righteous thoughts. The policemen told my husband to take me home.

In 2006 I was arrested again and I was held in the labor camp for a year. Following my release I did not meet other practitioners. I thought I would be safe if I stayed at home to do the Three Things. On September 17, 2009 I was illegally arrested again when I was telling people the facts of Dafa. I looked inward and found many attachments, such as protecting myself, looking down on other practitioners, validating myself, jealousy, and falling asleep when I was studying the Fa.

Even though I had attachments, I should completely reject the old forces’ arrangements and persecution. I sent righteous thoughts. Other practitioners took turns to send righteous thoughts twenty-four hours a day. Practitioners overseas made calls to the policemen and told them the facts about Falun Gong. On the way to the forced labor camp I asked Master for help: do not let the forced labor camp accept me. Although I could see nothing, I could feel a very strong power given by Master. The policemen tried to send me into the forced labor camp three times; all attempts failed. Finally they told my husband to take me home.

My mission is to help Master rectify the Fa. I should cultivate myself well and do the Three Things well. With Master's help, many miracles took place when I was doing the Three Things. I will study the Fa well and be more diligent so that I can go back to my original home with Master.