(Clearwisdom.net) I am a veteran practitioner who obtained the Fa in 1997. I would like to share my experience of eliminating sickness karma with fellow practitioners.

In September 2008, I coughed for several days which soon developed into asthma. My daughter and her husband worked overseas and my young grandchild lived with me. At that time, I did not treat myself as a Dafa practitioner and went to the hospital.

At the end of August 2009, the asthma recurred and it was even worse. This time I almost died. I was so weak that it was very hard for me to get to the bathroom from my bedroom. I was not able to fall asleep or even lay in bed. I was so miserable that living seemed worse than dying.

I realized that the old forces were taking advantage of my loopholes and aimed to end my life. I made up my mind to pass the test. I knelt down and asked Master for help. I would definitely not agree to the old forces' arrangements. While I was going through this test, Master arranged for my sister who lived hundreds of miles away to visit me. She sent forth righteous thoughts for me and I felt the energy so strongly that my body started to shake.

In the following days, we studied the Fa, did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts together. My sister helped me look inwards and identify my fundamental attachment as well as many other shortcomings. My mind was not calm and focused when I studied the Fa. I only wanted to do the meditation and the second exercise instead of all the five sets of exercises. I realized this was due to my lack of respect for Master and Dafa. Although I was doing the three things, I did not take the initiative to do them. I spent most of my time doing housework and had a lot of sentimentality. I recalled that just a year ago, I became upset over small things and even swore at others. After seeing these things, I became determined to cultivate myself well and my physical condition started to improve.

One day, my daughter video chatted with me from overseas and told me a story about how hard Master worked to help a practitioner. I was very encouraged and broke into tears. I went to the bathroom and spit. Then I felt so comfortable as if I was born again. I knelt down in front of Master's portrait and Heshi. Compassionate Master did not leave such a disappointing disciple behind. I felt wonderful!

I still have many attachments that need to be eliminated. There is still a gap between diligent practitioners and myself. I wrote this article to validate the Fa and to encourage fellow practitioners who are eliminating sickness karma.