(Clearwisdom.net) While I was in high school, my mom helped me to start practicing Dafa. At first, I did not have very strong feelings toward it. However, I went from elementary thoughts about self to becoming greatly impressed by the way Zhuan Falun teaches people to be good. I gradually believed in, and immersed myself into the Fa, and I have been practicing Dafa ever since. Each day, I put Dafa first. Studying the Fa and cultivating my xinxing has been my first priority. In the beginning, I was unable to be diligent, so I wrote a note and placed it in my pencil case, so that every time I opened it, I would be reminded that the Fa is above all else and to cultivate my xinxing. I was attending a top-ranked high school specializing in science. Even when I had a heavy workload and was under the pressure of intense examinations, I still demanded of myself that I follow the requirements of the Fa while being a good student. I did my very best with my studies, without worrying about the end results. To ensure that I had enough time at home to study the Fa and to practice cultivation, I grasped every minute to finish my homework at school. In the evenings, I studied Zhuan Falun for half an hour to an hour. During weekends and holidays, besides finishing my school assignments, I often studied the Fa for a few hours to assimilate with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I delightedly studied and lived a life of cultivation, and took various attachments, including the attachment to fame, lightly. I was no longer focusing on test scores and rankings.

Dafa opened up my wisdom and intelligence, and my experience with this has been obvious. Studying science requires problem-solving. A practitioner is capable of having a pure mind, and I would often quietly look at the exam questions, and even if they were challenging, I kept my heart calm and was unmoved, so ideas would come to me. With this frame of mind, the more difficult the exam was, the better I did on it. After practicing cultivation, I truly took academic fame and gains lightly. My mentality towards studying also became extraordinarily good. I could easily and quickly finish challenging exam questions two to three minutes before time was up, but most people were still rushing and delayed handing in their examination papers. In my classes, I needed to be able to memorize a lot of text. I was able to memorize an entire text and its diagrams like a photo in my brain. So long as I had read it, I was able to recall it from memory. I did not need to take any books or homework home because my time at home was to study the Fa, but in order not to be obviously different from the other students, I also carried a backpack with only a pencil case inside to school every day. A classmate once asked how late I stayed up to finish my homework to get my good grades. I smiled and said, “I am usually not studying or doing homework at home. I normally read after bathing and go to bed at ten.”

After I began attending university, I continued the study methods and habits that I had developed through Dafa cultivation, putting studying the Fa and practicing cultivation before my academic studies. I was more relaxed in my studies than most people. Schoolmates have more than once half-jokingly said, "Are you a deity or something? How are you able to do this?" They were so surprised that I spent so little time on homework but still received high scores. They had a hard time believing how I could do it. I confidently and rationally told my classmates that I practice Falun Dafa. In their surprised and quiet looks, I could feel evil thoughts and pressure filling the air, and I was very eager to clarify the truth to them. After they understood the truth, they enthusiastically said something to the effect of, “Now I understand. I will tell my family when I go back home that the Communist party is very bad.” After the lights were turned off for the night, I was able to do the Dafa exercises in a small area in the crowded bedroom. After graduation, I heard from others that while I was still at college, some people went to the Student Affairs Office to report me for practicing Falun Dafa, but no one gave me trouble. When I think back, I know that I was able to accomplish so much because I studied the Fa more and studied diligently. Thus, I firmly believe in Dafa. Even under great pressure, I was able to validate Dafa. I have Master with me and I have the Fa; I have nothing to be afraid of. I did not let my positive environment be ruined.

During my later years in the university, I finally came forward to validate the Fa directly, walking the path of a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple. I thank Master for his guidance and my fellow practitioners' help. I was able to break through the Internet blockade and make truth-clarification materials, CDs, and print Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. At first, I used the printer that I helped my professor buy, then when I moved to the instructor's office to do a school project, I found myself a place where I could go online, make copies, print things out, and make use of the multiple computers to perform the needed tasks. I found myself an information data gathering center. The instructor's office was very effective for printing and making copies. While I was by myself in the office, I produced a variety of informational materials. Twice, schoolmates found a table full of the Nine Commentaries. I kept my heart as calm as possible, as if nothing had happened. Taking advantage of my studying in school, I had done a lot of research as well as asked for advice from computer experts on how best to use the available resources. It did not take me too much effort to grasp the required knowledge of hardware and software. I was able to take on computer technical work myself and was even able to solve problems requiring hardware replacement. At that time, there were very few computer technology articles on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net). I was in a state of gradual enlightenment and was able to find solutions by intuition. Every day after returning to my bedroom and closing the curtains, I immersed myself in Dafa, and I was not affected nor interfered with by the environment around me. During those days, I was inspired and my heart overflowed with the Fa all the time, whether I was walking or eating.

Whether it was the hot summer or the cold winter, whether it was windy and rainy, any time was a good time to be out. Whenever I was passing out informational materials in school or in the city, often a thought came to mind: Master, in order to save sentient beings, disciples must not be afraid of anything. Once, I distributed informational materials from first floor all the way to the top floor of a residential building. At that time, a woman came out of a unit on the top floor and was about to go downstairs, and I felt uneasy, so I turned around to walk back downstairs. That woman found it strange and kept asking, “Do you live here? Who are you visiting? What are you doing?” This was my first encounter of this kind, and I was not afraid, but I did not know how to reply. I just kept smiling. After we got back down to the street, when I went straight to get my bike, she asked me again with obvious suspicion. I turned and faced her. When she saw my benevolent face, she just smiled at me. Actually, most of the time in the places that I distributed materials, rarely were there any people there, but when there was a gate that needed to be opened, someone would open the gate to walk in. There was no turning back, and there was always a place to set out the materials. Sometimes, I felt the knowing sides of sentient beings in other dimensions eagerly waiting for me to come to distribute the materials. I said in my heart, “Sentient beings, you wait, I am coming.”

On one occasion, I put a lot of informational materials in the nearby residential buildings’ mailboxes. The evil found out about it, and they rummaged through and searched the mailboxes one by one. A teacher who knew my situation hurriedly came to tell me said, “Did you do it? You have to be careful!” At that time I felt pressure on my whole body, and I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. I felt an intense energy that no evil could survive. The energy was so strong that I could feel the whole area filled with righteous power. During that period, every time before I went out to spread informational materials, I sent forth the purest and most steadfast righteous thought, that I was incomparably noble with an enormous body that was destroying all evil in the cosmos. While on the road, when Dafa flashed in my mind, I felt a strong vibration throughout my body that countless evil beings were destroyed. I know that I am steadfastly walking toward a divine state.

After I started working, I thought that the best way to help my fellow Dafa disciples to achieve the most is by helping them resume group Fa-study, and I should look for local practitioners. I found a Dafa practitioner by chance from persuading a passerby to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party, and she had known a Falun Gong practitioner. It was arranged by Master that I meet a local practitioner through her. In the new environment with a stable income, I set up a materials production site at home. I have been producing various kinds of informational DVDs, mainly Shen Yun DVDs, to supplement local practitioners' materials. I also helped teach local practitioners how to use a computer. From my mother to a 70-year-old practitioner, with righteous minds they learned how to use a computer step by step, from using the mouse to being able to go online to read articles on the Minghui website. Even during intense Internet censorship, elderly practitioners with righteous thoughts are still often able to read Minghui news online.