(Clearwisdom.net) I go out to clarify the truth every day, and a dozen people might agree to quit the Communist regime and its affiliated organizations.

This winter was very cold and I developed the attachment to complacency. I wanted to take a break and spend more time reading the Fa at home. As I read the book again and again, Master's teachings often reminded me to do the three things well and not slack off with any of the three things we are required to do. Master said in “Righteous Thoughts:” “Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation.” I realized that such attachments to seeking comfort and complacency should be eliminated. Saving sentient beings is the most important thing right now. I must act quickly and help Master save more people.

Clarifying the truth day after day and saving more people

This winter, I rode my bicycle every day to crowded areas 10 to 30 miles away to clarify the truth. I gave strangers updated information on why they should renounce the Party, DVDs clarifying the truth, and other materials persuading them to quit the Communist regime. It was freezing cold in the winter with heavy blizzards and sandstorms in central parts of China. Every day, strong winds blow non-stop and there is sand everywhere, but I have never stopped clarifying the truth.

In the morning on December 1, 2010, gale force winds carrying sand and dust raged. I continued to ride my bicycle to a marketplace 20 miles away to clarify the truth. On my way back, I ran into winds even more forceful, sweeping up yellow sand. It was impossible to ride my bicycle and even walking and pushing it along was extremely difficult. The gale prevented me from moving forward.

Halfway along, as I struggled to walk home, I saw a young man not far ahead of me walking unsteadily. I went up to him and said, “You must be careful, you might be hit by a car.” He replied, “Uncle, I am blinded by the sand, please help me.” I brought him to a shelter away from the wind and helped him blow away the sand in his eyes. We then walked together in the strong wind.

I began to tell him about the recent natural disasters taking place in China. I told him that I believed such recent disasters were happening due to the degeneration of moral values and naturally spoke about the impending elimination of the Communist regime by heaven's will. I then proceeded to tell him about the spread of Falun Dafa overseas, that the Tiananmen Square “Self-immolation” incident was staged, and finally encouraged him to renounce the Party to protect himself. The young man was a university graduate. He quickly accepted the truth and agreed to quit the Communist regime. I also gave him a brochure containing facts about the persecution as well as a card of instructions to breakthrough the Internet firewall. Due to the strong winds that day, not many people went outdoors and I only managed to get six people to renounce the Party that day.

I am a retired public service employee, but I don't take a break from clarifying the truth during holidays. During the New Year this year, my son and daughter returned home for a visit. It was a good opportunity for our family to get together, but I thought how there would be many people shopping in the marketplace during the festive period. It was a great opportunity to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. I had to act quickly to try to save them.

After breakfast, I took my bicycle and rode to a marketplace. That day I went to a farmer's market. It was a huge market and many people passed through to do their shopping. It was also the first time that I had visited that place. I first sent righteous thoughts to save as many predestined people as I could. I also asked Master for help.

I talked to strangers as they bought things from the market. Everyone I spoke to agreed to renounce the Party. Altogether, 19 people quit the Party and the associated organizations. The day passed by without a hitch and I felt wonderful.

I found that when clarifying the truth to people, if we go along with their human attachments, they will be more willing and receptive to the truth. I clarified the truth to others with humor, according to the current circumstances. Consequently, predestined people quickly agreed to renounce the Party and were saved. For example, I went to many huge construction sites this winter and often spoke to groups of a dozen workers at a time. I complimented them as being society's most precious resources, yet they are often the least respected group and are underpaid. Because I empathized with them, they were willing to listen to what I said. Sometimes I would tell them interesting stories, and in the process, they understood the truth and quit the regime.

On another occasion, I met a 60-year-old Party member. I told him the truth from different perspectives but he refused to believe what I told him. He said, “I have been a Party member for many years and have enjoyed many benefits such as a retirement pension and subsidies.” I deduced the deceitful nature of the Party and said to him, “One's life is the most precious thing in the world. It is better to believe what I tell you and quit the regime to avoid disaster. You can use an alias to quit the Party and you have nothing to lose. Why not get this insurance?” He heard what I told him and his knowing side truly awakened. He told me his real name and I helped him to renounce the Party.

Saving more people, day and night

It was colder than usual this winter, but I continued to go out every day to tell people the truth about Dafa.

In order to save more people, I clarified the truth in the morning, then studied the Fa diligently for 2-3 hours in the afternoon. After that, I went out again in the evening to supermarkets and crowded places to clarify the truth. Every evening at 6 p.m., I returned home to send righteous thoughts. Every evening, I managed to get several people to quit the Party; sometimes as many as a dozen people were saved.

On the evening of December 26, the winds were bitterly cold and it was less than 14 degrees Fahrenheit. I met two workers from another area and approached them. I asked what they were doing in such cold weather. The older one said, “We worked all day and only now have time to buy some necessities.” I told them I wanted to buy something, too, and walked along with them.

I started to tell them about the facts from different angles. The older man quickly agreed to quit the regime and its affiliated associations. However, the younger man refused to and was rude. My human thoughts appeared and I wanted to give up and leave him to his fate. However, another thought came to my mind: “He came from another area and worked in a sealed off construction site. If I don't save him this time, he might not have another chance to hear the truth again.”

I suddenly recalled Master's teaching:

“None of you realize what the people in today’s world once gave of themselves for this affair. Nor have you realized what magnificent beings they once were, plunging down headlong into such a dangerous place, braving the tremendous peril. That fact alone makes them worthy of your saving them and pulling them out.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

We, Dafa disciples, are sentient beings' only hope of being saved. If I don't save him, then the chances of this life being saved would be very slim. I shed tears of compassion for him and resolved to try my best to save him. I silently sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil influences behind him. At the same time, I tried to unravel the doubts he had about Dafa. As he was from Henan Province and was deceived by the staged Tiananmen Square self-immolation incident, I analyzed the entire incident for him and told him other facts about the persecution.

He listened and finally agreed to renounce his membership from the Party's affiliated organizations.

From the beginning of December to the end of January, during the coldest part of winter, I went out every evening to clarify the truth. That month, I got more than 200 people to renounce the Party. Although the weather was very cold, my heart did not feel cold. Instead I felt warm because another 200 people were saved.

I share my experience hoping to encourage fellow practitioners to make use of the festive period to save more people during this precious moment. Let us save even more people and fulfill our vows made in history. Don't leave any regrets for yourself.