(Clearwisdom.net) After watching a practitioner install a satellite in someone else’s home, I wanted to do the same in mine, so I installed the dish at home with the help of another practitioner and it worked. As I watched the wonderful programs on NTDTV, many negative thoughts popped up, including fear. I was afraid that my husband might get upset when he saw the satellite dish. We had two dishes installed for receiving NTDTV. One was for me and the other for my son. However, due to some interference, neither worked well. I was anxious about what my husband would think and that he would scold me once he got home. I began to compile excuses for why I installed the dish. I soon realized that all of those thoughts were unrighteous and, since I am practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, I am not supposed to tell a lie. How could such thoughts be mine? I knew that I needed to get rid of them. NTDTV broadcasts serious classical programs, and the reason I got the dish was to do something good for my husband and son, so that they could see wholesome TV programs. In school the students are charged over ten thousand yuan to learn things from the Communist Party culture. I only spent about 100 yuan for the satellite dish, which is not very much. I needed to purify the wrong thoughts and calm my heart.

One day my husband called, saying that he was coming home. I got fearful. The more I worried, the worse the signal was from the satellite dish. I was afraid of my husband saying that we had wasted money for a terrible signal. Questioning myself, I thought, “What do I have to be afraid of? I need to just keep acting in a dignified manner.” I stepped out of the kitchen and realized that the picture from NTDTV was clear and distinct. All of the false appearances were caused by my fear.

The next day my husband came home. While watching TV he asked, “I see one more satellite dish has been installed. How much did it cost?” Without any fear I told him. “That's not expensive,” he said. Furthermore he even praised the NTDTV programs.

Later on I shared this experience with other practitioners. Practitioners in other cities wanted to install the dish, too. I also recommended NTDTV to my relatives and friends.

One day I arranged to take Practitioner A by motorbike to another practitioner's house out of town. Soon after we left, a thought come to my mind that there might be a problem with the motorbike. Right away I sent out righteous thoughts to counteract that thought, but the bike broke down after a short while. We could do nothing more than to push it to Practitioner B's house not far away from where we were so that he could ask someone to repair the bike. Coincidentally, his TV had been unable to get the signal from NTDTV signal for days, so Practitioner A and I fixed his TV while my bike was being repaired. Later we also installed TV for other practitioners. Although I paid a bit for getting my biked fixed, I was glad that more fellow practitioners got NTDTV installed.

After returning home, a practitioner pointed out in a group meeting that I ought to look inward due to the bike incident. This upset me, and I wondered, "Why are so many practitioners unsatisfied with me? To install a satellite dish for NTDTV is not my business is it? Have they ever sent forth righteous thoughts for this issue?” I calmed down and recalled what Master said in “Lecture at the First Conference in North America:”

“…and no matter whether on the surface you’re right or wrong… you should always examine yourself for causes.”

Truly, when practitioners say something about me, it must be a shortcoming of mine making them say that. I began to look inward and discovered many attachments, such as seeking praise, being interested in benefits, complaining, feeling that things were unjust, and insisting on having my way. I understood that I have to get rid off these thoughts and do the three things properly.