(Clearwisdom.net) Seeing fellow practitioners around me severely suffering from sickness karma, and reading reports on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) about practitioners haunted by sickness karma and who have even lost their lives, caused me to be very concerned and anxious. Dafa disciples make up the core of those who assist Master to rectify the Fa, and are the only hope for sentient beings' salvation. I cannot be indifferent to this phenomenon. Therefore, I would like to share my experience with fellow practitioners so that we can improve together.

On the night of October 10, 2004, I felt that the back of my head was beginning to swell. It then extended in the shape of a fan toward the top of my head and forehead. This was followed by vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness, and I wasn't able to move. My husband and child were frightened and wanted to take me to the hospital. At the time, I was not able to understand the Fa from the perspective of the Fa and I agreed to go. After a CT scan, I was diagnosed with a stroke and was immediately hospitalized in an emergency room. Although the headache was painful beyond description, my mind was clear. But in such agony I was not able to take control of myself and felt as if something was controlling my brain. I wasn't able to speak or move, and any movement of my body was at the hands of others. On the second day I was transferred to the Army General Hospital of Shenyang, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctor decided to operate immediately.

Lying in the hospital bed, my head shaved bare, I realized that I was a cultivator—so why did I need surgery! Just by having this single thought in my mind, my family was told by the doctor after a short while that I had a specific blood type that the hospital's blood bank did not have for my surgery. When my child told me the news, I immediately brightened up and felt lighthearted. I told my family and relatives, “Let’s go home.” At the time, I only had one thought, “Get home as soon as possible to listen to Master’s Fa lectures.”

For the first few days at home, my headache was so severe that I could not lie down without feeling pain. I was not able to fall asleep. Things were spinning around me and I dared not open my eyes. The pain was excruciating. Nevertheless, I asked my child to find the tape player and audio tapes for the Fa lectures in Jinan. I listened to Master’s Fa lectures daily.

While listening to Master's kind voice, I felt as if frozen in time. I was wrapped by a strong energy current and my heart and body were immersed in Dafa. After a few days, I opened my eyes. While lying in bed, I recited Hong Yin and listened to the Fa without any other thoughts. All I had in my head was Dafa, Dafa, Dafa.

Fellow practitioners, relatives, friends, colleagues, and the leaders from work came to see me and were afraid that my life was in danger. The leaders especially tried to convince me to have the surgery to remove the tumor. The specific blood type was now available, but I was not moved. I firmly believed in Master and Dafa, and wanted to let Master arrange everything. At that time, nothing else was in my mind but one thought—persist in cultivating in Dafa and follow Master to return home. Life or death, material interests, this or that—nothing else was in my mind. No matter who came by and no matter what was said, I just insisted on that single thought.

With the compassionate protection of our great Master, I quickly regained my health. I was able to use the bathroom on my own after one week, was able to go outside after two weeks, and after a month, I had recovered completely. People who knew my situation were shocked. They could not even close their mouths, “How could you recover?” “Don't you still have the tumor?”

Two neighbors living in the same apartment complex also had strokes, but they passed away because they were everyday people. What happened to me made many people in my neighborhood witness the miraculous power of Falun Dafa.

Looking back at the situation, I had two thoughts at different times. These two thoughts led to two completely different consequences. At the beginning, I had a human mentality and agreed to go to the hospital. However, the symptoms became more severe instead of being alleviated. Later, when I realized that I was a practitioner, I used the righteous thoughts of a divine being to rectify myself. As a result, I recovered very quickly. Regardless if one is an everyday person or a Dafa practitioner, different choices will result in different consequences. I am an example of this. Master told us,

“Cultivation is a very serious matter. It can’t be done carelessly in the slightest.” ("Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada")

In front of Master and Dafa, I am such a tiny particle. However, Master saw the righteous thoughts I had and helped me eliminate the tribulation. It is exactly the scenario described by Master:

“Disciples’ righteous thoughts are strong
Master has the power to turn the tide”
("Master-Disciple Grace," from Hong Yin Volume II)

After going through this sickness karma, I reflected on it to figure out why I encountered such a huge tribulation. Fellow practitioners helped me find many attachments, especially the attachment to profit and gain.

I hope that practitioners in sickness karma tribulations can learn from my experience and always remember that we are cultivators on the path of cultivation. No matter what tribulations we encounter, as long as we have firm faith in Master and Dafa, we can get through them because we are Master’s disciples and are Dafa disciples walking on a divine path.

As my level is limited, please point out if anything is not on the Fa.