Solemn Declaration

Late last year, my son wanted to apply to become a doctoral student. The school required information about the candidate's parents. Therefore, I had to go to our local community to obtain a guarantee statement and agree not to practice Falun Gong. My wife found out about it. She told me that I should not write the guarantee statement and she explained to me the reason. She made me understand that the guarantee statement I wrote dishonored Dafa and Master Li. After my son came home, my wife told him the seriousness of the matter.

Therefore, I solemnly declare that my previous words, writing and deeds that were against Dafa are void. I believe Falun Dafa is good. I support Falun Dafa, and I wish to make up for the losses that I created for Dafa. I support my wife to do the three things well to save more sentient beings.

Wang Li Xia, Wei Yu
January 15, 2011


Solemn Declaration

I had been deceived by the wicked Communist Party. Due to not knowing the truth I had slandered Master Li, slandered Dafa, torn up Dafa truth-clarification materials and had written articles that criticize Falun Gong.

Now I finally understand the truth and I regret my previous actions. I solemnly declare that my previous words, deeds and behavior that were against Dafa are void. I firmly believe in Dafa and tell people Falun Dafa is good to remedy the damage I had caused to Dafa. I choose a better future.

Li Hou De
February 7, 2011