(Clearwisdom.net) On the evening on February 8, 2011, the world renowned Shen Yun Performing Arts debuted it's 2011 show in Sydney in the historic Capitol Theater. Shen Yun will perform 16 shows over a two week period. The opening night performance charmed local Chinese in the audience with its examples of pure traditional Chinese arts. Many said they were sure to return again next year.

Business Owner from Shanghai Reschedules Flight to Watch Shen Yun

A business owner from Shanghai had intended to return to China on February 7. When she heard that Shen Yun was going to perform on February 8, she postponed her return flight so she could see the show.

She was glad that she made the decision, “It was great, very nice! Shanghai is a big city and I have seen many shows. However, I have never seen any pure classical Chinese dance in China like Shen Yun presented today. I don’t think there is pure art in China and many people don't know what real Chinese classical dances are.”

The business owner mentioned that she was shocked and became nervous when she saw the program disclosing how the Chinese Communist Party persecutes freedom of belief. “In China, people dare not mention these kinds of things and tend to avoid the topic or keep silent. When I saw everyone around me attentively watching the program and applauding afterward, I realized that I was in a free country, not China,” said the business owner.

Entrepreneur from China Praises the Miracles in Shen Yun’s Performance

Mr. Lu came to Australia to visit his family and friends. He owns many businesses and real estate properties in China and overseas. He bought tickets for Shen Yun performances on several days and planned to watch the show a number of times. Lu said that he has seen Shen Yun perform in the United States and that this was his third year seeing the show.

“I am not a talkative person. I have seen Shen Yun’s show several times. The performance is not just singing and dancing. I don’t know how to put my appreciation in words. I could feel that there is something very meaningful and powerful in the performance, more than the performance itself. I have been trying very hard to understand the stories and the deeper meanings they carry,” said Lu.

Lu said that the first time he watched Shen Yun perform, he was attracted to the costumes and the background projections. However, this year he had a different frame of mind. “Some of the programs instantly gave me the feeling of pureness, like I was cleansed by water. The Plum Blossom dance was exceptionally pure, like it could penetrate my soul. In the dance when a Buddhist was persecuted, my heart trembled. When Buddhas flew out of the background, I felt solemn and moved.”

“When the artists jumped, it feels like they were floating in the air. Normally people can't do that. It was amazing.” Lu wants to keep coming back to see the show over and over because so that he can better understand what Shen Yun’s stories are trying to say.

Human Rights Activist from China: It’s from Heaven

Mr. Pan Qing, a human rights activist from China, bought the best tickets available for him and his daughter. After the show he said, “The songs only belong to Heaven and the celestial maidens must have come to Earth.”

Speaking about the performers, he said, “They are marvelous! Some of the movements are very hard to achieve. Shen Yun is not just the renaissance of traditional Chinese art, it presents all the tough skills of it. Many westerners applauded warmly when they saw these top skills. This means that Shen Yun’s performance is not just a manifestation of culture, it is also a top form of art, not something one can see just anywhere.”

Pan said that he was not an expert in art but he could feel that the performance was of world class and a five-star entertainment with profound cultural and spiritual components. He has seen two of the three shows in Sydney. “I will see more if I have time,” said Pan.

Pan has heard the song twice about Falun Gong practitioners trying to tell people of the world about the illegal suppression in China. “Each time I heard it, I was so touched. The practitioners walk on a divine path trying to save the people who are lost in this world of delusion with compassion.”