Name: Zhang Qin (张勤)
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Address: Shanghai
Occupation: Engineer

Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 5, 2009
Most Recent Place of Detention:
Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai (上海提篮桥监狱)
City: Shanghai
Persecution Suffered:
Imprisonment, illegal sentencing, denied mail, torture

( Mr. Zhang Qin was illegally arrested for the sixth time on June 5, 2009, and later sentenced to five years in prison. His parents, in their eighties, tried many times to find his whereabout by calling and mailing letters to the Shanghai Bureau of Prison Administration and Tilanqiao Prison. But they never received any replies. They were finally able to see him after reading an article on the Clearwisdom website that exposed the persecution of Mr. Zhang ( see

Mr. Zhang was imprisoned in the First Section of the First District in Tilanqiao Prison. The guards threatened his parents by saying, “You should know what can or can't be said! If you say something that you are not supposed to say, the phone will be disconnected right away.”

A guard closely monitored Mr. Zhang the whole time he was talking to his parents. When Mr. Zhang mentioned that he was being tortured in the prison, the guard quickly interrupted him, “You are not allowed to say that!” As a result, Mr. Zhang's parents didn't get the details of the torture their son suffered.

When Mr. Zhang's parents asked why they weren't allowed to visit their son earlier, the prison staff simply told them it was because Mr. Zhang refused to wear the prison uniform. When asked the same question later, they refused to answer.

Mr. Zhang said that he had written and mailed several letters to his family, but they never received them.

Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai (area code 86-21):
Address: 147 Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai, 200082
Main number: 35104888
Liu Jinbao, warden: 35104888 ext. 5217
Cheng Yin, deputy warden: 35104888 ext. 5003
Prison complaint office: 35104888 ext. 5207, 65848703 (direct), 65454647 (fax)