(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher shows great mercy in saving all the world's people and sentient beings. However, the Fa-rectification has its requirements, and time is limited. Sentient beings—including Dafa practitioners—must make a choice at this critical time. How can we improve in doing the three things that Master requires, and fulfill our historic vows? We must walk our paths especially well in the end; we can't let up, and we absolutely can't be lax.

Cultivation is about eliminating human attachments in the process of saving sentient beings. Loopholes result when we have attachments; the evil takes advantage of our loopholes and makes us passive and not diligent, makes us doubt and disagree with Dafa, eventually rejecting Dafa—the consequences are terrifying! Practitioners need to form a unified body and be diligent together; we should help each other. Practitioners have experienced many tribulations and hardships, especially after the persecution began. No matter how the tribulations manifest, good or bad, diligent or not, disliking or disagreeing with each other, we are all fellow practitioners— Master's practitioners. We should open our hearts the same way that the oceans accept water from all tributaries. We should help each other, remind each other to be diligent together, and not leave even one practitioner behind.

Master said,

“If one separates the three characters of 'Zhen-Shan-Ren,' each still fully contains Zhen-Shan-Ren.” (“A Brief Explanation of Shan” from Essentials For Further Advancement)

Since practitioners cultivate the highest characteristic of the universe, Zhen-Shan-Ren, our hearts must be open and broad. We can't look outward for reasons when problems arise. The time for cultivating together is short, so we should cherish it. Under no circumstances should we just watch fellow practitioners who are not being diligent, lost, or taking paths that diverge from Dafa. We shouldn't avoid fellow practitioners that have such issues, nor can we push him/her away. We need to be proactive and help, by reminding them. We can't let the person leave Dafa. Only Dafa can rectify all unrighteous elements, only Dafa can eradicate all confusion.

While in prison, I met an older practitioner. Master had shown this practitioner's own world to his main consciousness previously. He saw that some regions of his world were empty, and some had lost their past glory. His heart felt very heavy because he knew that he hadn't done well. When he returned, Master gave him four golden dragons. His celestial eye could see the dragons at all times. The dragons protected him when he validated the Fa and helped him to eliminate evil. When this practitioner was imprisoned again, he was not clear about the Fa at one point due to his own shortcomings. As a result, he was being pressured to “transform.” After that, his celestial eye couldn't see clearly, nor could he see the four dragons. This practitioner was always in tears whenever he talked about it, and blamed himself harshly. He often cried out in his dreams, “I let Master down!”

Nothing can obstruct Dafa practitioners when their righteous thoughts are firm. Wherever one falls down, another one gets up! After this practitioner wrote a “Solemn Declaration,” many police officials read it and told him to hand it to the upper administration, because they didn't want to persecute him themselves. When righteous thoughts come forward, their power is incomparable. The righteous thoughts and actions of practitioners can dissolve all evil.

There are some practitioners who haven't done well, not kept up with the Fa, and even sold out fellow practitioners. I was arrested because a fellow practitioner informed the police about me, and, as a result, I lost my family. For a long time, I had deep hatred in my heart. Another practitioner who had a similar experience told me his story. When he met the young practitioner who had informed on him in prison, the shame and sorrow in the practitioner’s eyes and his expression left him with a long lasting impression. The evil tortured that young practitioner in many ways: his ribs were broken and he could not endure any more pain. Those who've experienced such ordeals all understood the suffering—how could we complain about him? How can we hate? Inside the prison environment and in poor conditions, the young practitioner ate less and bought less so that he could give more to this practitioner to make up for his mistake. All practitioners are kind, but we are still human and have human bodies and human attachments. We should be tolerant whenever there are arguments, misunderstandings among practitioners, or when a practitioner makes a mistake. Always remember that we are fellow practitioners – Master’s practitioners.

We exist at the same time as Dafa, the future universe exists with us; is there anything we can't let go of? Why are we afraid of evil? We must think carefully and deeply. The evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) exists because of practitioners. When our unified body reaches the standard set by Master, the evil will dissolve in an instant, so what is there to be fear? Master is watching us, the gods are watching us. If everything comes to an end now, facing the judgment of conscience and the final result, how many attachments do we still have, how many things haven't we done, how many sentient beings have not been saved because of us? If this is true, it wouldn't be appropriate compared to the suffering we've endured.

Master taught us the highest principles of the universe and has given us glory and magnificence. Practitioners should not slow their pace of cultivation for anything or anyone. At the same time, practitioners are a unified body, so we should cherish each other and remind each other to be diligent. Do not leave one practitioner behind. We should do everything possible to eliminate evil and save sentient beings, fulfilling our historic vows.