(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Song Guixiang from Guangfu Area, Tonghua City, Jilin Province. On October 22, 2010, my husband Wang Quanliang was doing some construction work at home, when a dozen plainclothes police officers barged into my backyard without showing any identification, or explaining their intrusion. They started beating my husband, and he shouted for help. One policeman said, "Find something to cover his mouth so the neighbors don't hear him.” I was cooking in the kitchen, and when I heard his cries, I rushed out. The moment I reached the door, four plainclothes police pushed me to the ground, carried me into the living room, and threw me onto the sofa. When I tried to get up, they pushed me down. One of them said that if I tried to get up again, they would beat me. Several other police officers began ransacking my home. They took our cellphones, CDs, radios, cash (since returned), a computer, and many other personal belongings.

My husband was carried away by four or five men to a car. He was taken to the Guangming Police Station, where his was stripped naked, tied onto a cold metal chair, and locked up for an entire night. After an hour of ransacking, one of the police officers tricked my son, who had just come home, into going with him to the police station. He said, "Once we itemize your belongings, you can take them back." My son believed them and was brought along with us. Once we reached the Guangming Police Station, we were imprisoned in a metal cell. Thirty minutes later, my son was taken to the Tonghua City Public Security Bureau's basement, tied to a cold metal chair, and locked up for a night as well. The next morning, Deputy Chief Li Jian of the Guangming Police Station interrogated my son. He stripped off my son's shirt, covered his head with the shirt, and began beating my son's chest while threatening him. He said to him, "There's a blackout now, and the surveillance camera is not working... watch me bring you down to hell!"

My husband Wang Quanliang is 51 years old. He used have a number of unusual diseases and high blood pressure. He also loved to drink alcohol and took advantage of others. However, after learning Falun Gong, he learned to conduct himself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Not only did he get rid of his bad habits, his health problems were also cured. Our family quickly changed for the better.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999 however, officers from the Guangming Police Department have often harassed us, ransacked our home, confiscated our belongings without reason, and illegally arrested us and taken us to prisons and forced labor camps, and even sent us to brainwashing sessions.

On October 22, 2010, plainclothes police barged in, twisted my arm, brutally beat my son, and imprisoned my entire family. Under the extremely high pressure and psychological stress, my husband and I began suffering from high blood pressure and had a recurrence of heart problems.

Our neighbors often tried to help us by going to the Guangming Police Station to ask for our release. Chief Cao Fang of the Guangming Police Station would say, "We'll not receive Wang Quanliang's family members." Every day they went, and every day they would be thrown out (or kicked out by four or five officers). Without any other options, they turned to the National Security Bureau of Dongchang District. The National Security Bureau tried to push responsibility to the Public Security Bureau, but the Public Security Bureau would not receive them either. My son could only help me by walking to the city Appeals Office to ask for help. Their reply was that he still had to go back to the responsible department, and that they would relay the situation to the appropriate personnel. Nevertheless, when my son returned to the police station, no one would talk to him. He could only walk back and forth in the Guangming Police Station every day for two weeks. One day a police officer told him, "Seeing you pace back and forth in the freezing weather in the courtyard every day makes us feel bad too. Your dad's case does not have enough evidence, and he has now been released. Go look for Jin Guiquan from the Dongchang National Security Bureau. He promised that he'll get the papers done in the next two days, and your dad can go home.”

On January 21, 2011, my son met Jin at the Dongchang National Security Bureau. Jin repeatedly asked my son, "Did you and your mom go to the Appeals Office?" He called up the Guangming Police Station and realized that there was insufficient evidence to convict Wang. To retaliate for our going to the Appeals Office, he called my son and detained him for more than two hours, trying to get my son to fabricate evidence to convict his father. When my son met Jin again, Jin said angrily, "You're not telling the truth! Don't talk to me." He then told the guard on the first floor, "If this guy comes looking for me again, don't let him go upstairs."

My son was shocked by Jin's words. After returning home, he fell sick with a fever and has been bedridden for two days. My husband has already been imprisoned for over ninety days.

It is the Chinese New Year. My husband is being imprisoned without reason. My son was brutally beaten by police and lost his job due to police harassment. My right arm still hurts after being twisted by the police officers. We are very worried and in pain.