(Clearwisdom.net) Establishing small-scale truth-clarification materials production sites, "like flowers blossoming everywhere," is a duty of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. I started practicing Falun Gong in 1997. I should have set up a truth clarification materials site a long time ago but I didn't know how to use a computer and am also close to eighty years old. I was afraid that I couldn't learn what was necessary, and I wasn't determined to establish a materials site. With Fa rectification taking place I realized that we need to do the three things well as one body. We need to set up truth clarification materials production sites no matter how difficult it may be.

It was my human notions that hindered me. I would now like to share the experience of elderly practitioners establishing a truth clarification materials production site.

No one in our area knew how to use a computer before so we didn't have truth clarification materials sites. We weren't able to read Master's articles or Minghui truth clarifying materials in a timely manner. Sometimes we got a copy of the materials from other areas and we needed to hand copy them. It was hard to expose the persecution and send the quitting the CCP declarations. Neither was it easy to announce the "solemn declarations." In the beginning we took that information to another province to process. Later we did it in an area closer by, but the distance was still far and it took up too much time. We wanted to establish a truth clarifying materials site but were afraid of being exposed and persecuted. Plus, we didn't have the technical skills and therefore had no materials site for a long time.

I shared my determination to establish a materials site with practitioner A. Because I didn't know how to use computer, I just bought a color copy machine during the winter of 2006. The printouts were very pretty. Fellow practitioners were satisfied with the print out of Master's articles and the truth clarification materials but the demand was getting bigger. Sometimes one person asked for five or six hundred copies and we often had to work through the night. Due to the limitation of the machine, it broke down several times. The machine simply could not satisfy the demand. We made great efforts to maintain the quality of the materials. We cut the best articles, and pasted them on high quality paper. Since we could not download the articles from the Minghui website, we still could not print the newest materials in a timely manner.

To catch up with he Fa rectification process, practitioner A first bought a computer in April 2007. While we were worrying about the technical issues, practitioner B, who I know from another area, came to my home. After she learned about our situation, she invited practitioner C to help us. She then bought us a printer, a laminating machine, a paper cutter, and printer supplies. Practitioner C patiently taught us the process of operating the equipment and site. We were now able to print Master's articles and Minghui Weekly truth clarifying brochures and fliers, which satisfies the needs of fellow practitioners to study the Fa and clarify the truth about Falun Gong. This is how the first truth clarification materials site was set up. We knew that Master arranged everything and we just had the wish.

After setting up the materials site, because we didn't have high-speed Internet, practitioner B and two practitioners from other areas periodically downloaded information for us and gave it to us on a thumb drive. Due to the long distance, we had to pass the thumb drive like in a relay race. I am the last stop but am still miles away from the materials site. Since we were so short of materials, once I received the thumb drive, I took it to the materials site no matter the weather or time of day.

Later on, practitioner B, who is from another area, was staying in our area to take care of her child. She was also involved in printing at the materials site. Every one at the materials site has their own job. "They can also assemble into a form or disperse into matter..." ("Lectures in the United States," March 23, 1997). We all meet at a certain time. It's a truth clarification materials production site, and also a practice site. We study the Fa, practice the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and share experiences there. We work together and help each other while working.

We all live separately from one another but we are all actively involved and handle our own responsibilities regardless of the weather. In winter we are not afraid of the cold and snow. In summer we are not afraid the heat and storms. We are often wet from the rain and sometimes we have injuries but we still get up and continue forward. We have no complaints and treat hardship as joy. We know that once a materials site is set up, it carries the mission of saving sentient beings. Many sentient beings are poisoned by the CCP's propaganda. The Fa rectification is reaching it's final stage. It's urgent to make strong efforts to save people.

We are also able to treat our income as Dafa resources and donate money when it's needed. Practitioner A is not rich and his house is small and old. He saved some money in recent years. Instead of spending it on fixing his house, he spent 5000 yuan to buy a computer. Practitioner B's job is in another area. She had only stayed at the materials site for three years but is actively involved, and also bought things for the site. In late 2009, the printer had a problem so she let us use her new printer. Besides that, she often spent money on supplies and donated money for our materials site. Practitioner C often returns to help us out and support us with supplies after she taught us the techniques. She often reminds us to study the Fa no matter how busy we are. Only by studying the Fa well can we do well with the materials site. Following her advice we often study the Fa first, then send forth righteous thoughts, and afterwards get to work.

The three practitioners who are in charge of printing and editing are older. They didn't know how to use a computer before joining this project, and had never touched a printer. With the determination to help Master to save sentient beings, their wisdom was enlightened by Master. Practitioner A is in her sixties and learned to browse the Internet, as well as download and print, in a short period of time. She took a printer to another city to learn printer maintenance. Practitioner B is fifty years old and is good at printing. She mastered the technique of printing Dafa books and truth clarifying messages on paper money. I am close to eighty years old. At first I wasn't confident and learned very slowly. To catch up, I bought a computer myself to learn when I had time. Now I know how to lay out, print and edit single page fliers and brochures. I can also send articles to the Minghui website. We edit our own brochures and fliers, which contain persecution information and accounts of karmic retribution. We make different fliers for different groups of people. Some of our articles have been chosen by the Minghui website and some articles were selected by Minghui Weekly.

Besides studying the Fa at the materials site, every one of us has set up or attends another Fa study group. Through Fa study we realized that Master supports the Minghui website so we choose the articles from Minghui and emphasize the key points of the truth clarification based on Master's requirements.

Master said at the "Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding,"

"When someone quits the wicked CCP, he is no longer under its control. And once he is not controlled by it, he immediately undergoes a change. And what kind of change is it? His body is cleansed of the poisonous elements and factors of the wicked CCP, and he looks differently at matters of Falun Gong and the persecution that it has been subjected to. This comes about as a result [of his own act of breaking from the Party], so he will enter the future. However, if he says, "I oppose the wicked CCP, but I don't approve of Falun Gong either," that amounts to him not yet taking his stance, since there is no third choice."

"Talk about Falun Gong at a simple and basic level, such as how to conduct yourself and how effective the exercises are. No matter how many years you spend clarifying the facts, that is the most fundamental content that you always need to explain."

In order to follow Master's lecture, we often choose articles from the Minghui website about the topics: “What is Falun Gong?, Why does the CCP persecute Falun Gong? What does it mean to do the three withdrawals? Why should people quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations?” We also choose basic Falun Gong truth-clarifying articles about such topics as the staged self immolation incident, the April 25 peaceful appeal, etc. We also reported that all of the people who agree that Falun Gong is good and also renounce their Party memberships are divinely rewarded. We distribute the information and try to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and save more people.

The facts show that fellow practitioners improved a lot and that more people were saved after receiving the materials that we produced. Some practitioners were in the past afraid of being reported to the police. We continually provided them with Master's new lectures, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Minghui Weekly, etc. One practitioner improved quickly. He not only persuaded his family and friends to quit the CCP and its affiliates, but also clarified the truth about Falun Gong in front of a group of people. With his encouragement, his whole family started practicing Falun Gong. They bought a computer and got on the Minghui website. He also installed a satellite dish to receive NTDTV programs. In the past he hadn't dared to distribute truth clarification materials and now he doesn't have enough materials to distribute! Later he even wanted to buy a copy machine. With more materials, we receive more requests to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. We are very happy for these people!

The truth clarification materials site has the key effect of exposing the persecution and rescuing fellow practitioners. One practitioner was arrested by the local police. After this was exposed, practitioners inside China and overseas, along with other righteous people of the world, continually called the authority in charge. When this person learned the truth about the persecution, they notified the family members to take the practitioner home.

While running the materials site, we also helped to establish small-scale truth clarifying materials production sites following the principle of "like flowers blossoming everywhere." In Spring 2008, a practitioner who often receives materials from us wanted to donate several thousand yuan. I refused it and suggested that he set up a small-scale materials site himself, and told him that we can provide technical support. His whole family was happy to accept this suggestion. We asked practitioners from other areas to buy equipment, install the software and teach them how to operate it. At first we also supported him with money and supplies. Thus a new materials site was set up. In just three years it has been running very well. It has a big impact in helping practitioners improve as one body as well as saving sentient beings. At the same time we also helped others to buy equipment, install software, and teach techniques. So far five families have set up truth clarification materials sites. We also helped another four practitioners buy computers and get on the Minghui website.

We now have several small materials sites, and this has changed the situation in which we had to wait for practitioners from other areas to supply us with materials.