(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Wang Yinping, fourteen years old, lives in Nianzishan District, Qiqihar City. He and his mother were illegally arrested when they were distributing materials about the persecution of Falun Gong in December 2001. They were tortured with being hung up and other methods for a whole night in the Nianzishan Police Station. Then the mother was sentenced to imprisonment. The son's mental health was seriously affected, and he remains unable to take care of himself.

Wang Yinping was a healthy and active young student at the No. 30 High School in Nianzishan District. After the arrest, Wang Yinping and his mother were brutally tortured and interrogated by the director of the Nianzishan Police Station Xu Yanzhong, policeman Xiao Liandong, and local 610 Office members. The mother was sent to Longjiang County Detention Center the next day, while the son was sent home to his father.

The perpetrators used Wang Yinping to threaten his mother and force her to report on other Falun Gong practitioners. Police officer Song Guojun and a few others went to Wang Yinping's school to arrest him a second time and brought him to the the Longjiang Detention Center, where his mother was imprisoned in April 2002. The mother and the son were then held and subjected to severe interrogation techniques for 15 days. The wardens told the mother that her son would be sent to a forced labor camp if she did not tell the them where she got the truth-clarification materials. She did not give in to the police, and was sent to Harbin Women's Prison.

Wang Yinping was then taken to the Nianzishan Detention Center for another 15 days and subjected to further persecution. His mental and physical health was severely affected, and he wasn't released to his father until it was clear that he was at the verge of a complete mental collapse. After he went home, police officer Guan Fadong, who is the current director of the Fuqiang Police Station, frequently harassed the young man when he was home alone, threatening and intimidating him in a variety of ways. This worsened Wang's condition to the point of mental disorder, and he has since been unable to continue schooling or to take care of himself.