(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Guan Suming and Mr. Ye Liangjun from Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province were arrested on September 5, 2009, in Beijing. They were held in the Fengtai Detention Center in Beijing for more than a year before being illegally sentenced on September 20, 2010, by the Fengtai District Court. Ms. Guan was given an eight-year prison term, and Mr. Ye a seven-year prison term.

Ms. Guan was later sent to Tianhe Prison in Daxing, Beijing. Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agents intended to send her to the Heilongjiang Women's Prison. We have learned that Ms. Guan is in poor condition, and is still in Tianhe Prison.


Guan Suming

In September Ms. Guan and Mr. Ye were arrested in Fangzhuang, in the Fengtai District of Beijing. The police confiscated their computer, cash, and other personal property. The two practitioners were first held in the Fengtai Detention Center and then transferred to the Beijing Detention Center in Dougezhuang Township in the Chaoyang District. Their families tried to visit them many times, but detention center officials turned them away, claiming that they could not visit the practitioners if they refused to be “reformed.”


Tianhe Prison, Daxing, Beijing

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