(Clearwisdom.net) This young practitioner is eight years old. She started practicing Falun Dafa one year ago. Recently, she was particularly diligent in her Fa study, and as a result Teacher opened her celestial eye. The young practitioner describes here what she saw in other dimensions when practitioners studied the Fa.

When practitioners gathered together to study the Fa, the surroundings in other dimensions are truly spectacular. Celestial ladies spread flowers, Falun of all colors spin, fresh flowers were everywhere, rainbow colored lights illuminate practitioners, and Teacher’s Fashen sits above, guarding the site.

Each word that a practitioner read generated golden lotuses, which enhanced the brilliance of the fresh flowers in the air. Falun spin swiftly around practitioners and helped them straighten their bodies.

The sentient beings from each practitioner’s world all came to listen to the Fa. At first they were very small, only about one inch tall, wearing yellow colored clothes. The yellow colors were of different shades, each different from the others -- orange-yellow, light yellow, and golden yellow. As practitioners advanced in their Fa-studies, the sentient beings’ sizes grew. Every time when the Fa study started, sentient beings from all over the world gathered and lined up. Each person brought over a mat, and sat according to their individual groups. Some knelt, while others sat with legs crossed in a lotus position.

The number of sentient beings from an individual practitioner’s world kept increasing. Each time after listening to the Fa, they lined up and left quickly in an orderly fashion.

Aside from each practitioner’s world, sentient beings from other realms also come. They were different lives from different realms, who came to assimilate with Dafa. The most fortunate were those who were in this particular environment, including the spirits of things around such as the furniture, walls, ceilings, windows, door frames, and flowers. Sometimes they would display themselves in different forms to show their joy in assimilating with Dafa.

One night after listening to the Fa, my granddaughter was about to fall asleep. The tightly closed door of the room made a sound, startled her, and made her cry. After a few cries she began to laugh. I asked her why. She said, “The door told me that it was so happy, that it made a sound accidentally. It kept bowing to me and apologizing, which made me laugh, and I forgave it.”

Another day after listening to the Fa, my granddaughter told me, “The walls of our house happily told me that it has also assimilated with the Fa.”

One day while playing a DVD, the disk stuck in the player. My granddaughter kept complaining that the DVD player was having problems. She asked the DVD why it was conspiring with the evil and interfering with our listening to Dafa. After a while, she was no longer anxious and stopped complaining, and became quiet and worried. I asked her why. She said, “The DVD player felt wrongfully accused. It said it was not its fault. It was because the heart of the practitioner who had made the disk was not sufficiently pure that led to the bad results.”

From the above situation we can see that Dafa practitioners’ studying the Fa is very important. I hope that everyone reviews Teacher’s lecture, “Touring North America to Teach the Fa.” One will have a deeper appreciation.