(Clearwisdom.net) I was very glad to hear the news that Shen Yun Performing Arts had begun its 2012 world tour. As time passes, more and more people are learning about Shen Yun and have become fans. Shen Yun has had a significant impact on those who watch the performances. Here are two examples.

As the end of the year approached, I considered sending the DVD of Shen Yun's 2011 performance to villagers. Would they accept the DVDs? Would they think that since the 2012 performance is coming soon, why watch the 2011 show? I was not quite sure what to do. I decided to read Teacher's Hong Yin III once again. I realized that all the song lyrics were written by Teacher. Thus, the power will not be reduced by the passing of time. I know the 2011 performance of Shen Yun had indeed passed, but it would still be beneficial for people to watch Shen Yun performances year after year. I decided to introduce Shen Yun DVDs to the people around me.

Recently, I attended several large dinner parties and felt that this would be a good chance to clarify the truth by providing Shen Yun performance DVDs. A women who attended one of the parties had to assist her husband to walk because he was so sick. His face was pale and he was short of breath. The woman said, “I just came by to visit, since I have not seen anyone in so long! We are unable to stay for dinner and must leave soon.” Everyone greeted them and tried to convince them to stay, but the man was too sick. I made it a priority to sit and chat with them. I knew the man was suffering with cardiovascular disease and asthma. He had been hospitalized several times already. While we talked, I discovered that she loved music very much. Her children work in the music industry. I used this opportunity to introduce Shen Yun and gave the woman a DVD. She was very happy to accept it. Her husband was having difficulty speaking while chatting with others. After his wife accepted the Shen Yun DVD, he could talk without any problems. His face appeared normal and his wife was so surprised that her husband could go downstairs without any support. He went down the stairs step by step and chatted with his friends. She was able to realize why such big changes had occurred in her husband and was very grateful to me.

Several days ago, I went to another dinner party where I met a woman who was wearing large dark sunglasses. After talking with her I learned that she suffered from “Dry Eye”. She could not open her eyes due to this serious ailment. When she removed her glasses, her eyes appeared very dry and she could hardly open them. The woman was experiencing a great deal of pain and was not happy at all. I gave her a Shen Yun DVD and she seemed very happy to accept it. I told her that if she repeatedly watched the DVD, she would learn more and feel happier. I let her know that her eyes could get better. She was surprised and said, “Right now my eyes have started tearing!” I also told her, “Repeat 'Falun Dafa is Good! Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is Good!” She said she would do it. During dinner, she was able to remove her glasses and talk happily with her friends. She could now open her eyes! After dinner, she thanked me.

These people had not even viewed the Shen Yun DVD yet, but merely had a thought to watch it. The power of Shen Yun had already helped them! My friends, when you watch a Shen Yun performance, you will witness amazing results! The new year is coming and Shen Yun's performances are starting. Let us watch Shen Yun. This is a golden opportunity!