(Clearwisdom.net) Kong Er is an honest, responsible and humble farmer from a village in Hubei Province. He believes in the truth told to him by Falun Dafa practitioners. He firmly lives by and conducts himself according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He never argues with his brother even when there are conflicts.

It is a tradition in villages that farmers hang inspiring couplets on either side of their door frames in the New Year. When Dafa practitioners sent couplets to villagers, some villagers were afraid to hang them. However, in addition to the Dafa couplets, Kong Er added on the top portion of the door frame an epigraph saying, “Open door for Fa expansion.” He also hung calligraphy and paintings made by Dafa practitioners in the living room.

The village had a severe drought this summer, and all water reservoirs dried up. The villagers had to use their well water for both drinking and irrigation. Some wells only generated enough water for drinking, and the water from some wells was turbid and not drinkable. Kong Er was one of very few farmers in the whole village who had adequate well water for drinking and farming. His well produced good quality water in an abundant amount, as though it was located on top of a spring. The kind-hearted Kong Er generously shared his water with his neighbors.

In Chinese culture, a betrothal gift from the man's family is always an inevitable issue to be discussed before an engagement. Unlike the majority of people, Kong Er requested nothing when Mr. Liu asked his permission to marry his daughter, who worked in the field. Instead, he simply asked, “Do you believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and Falun Dafa?” When the answer was positive, he granted the request even though his daughter had never met Mr. Liu. They got married a few days later. It turned out that Mr. Liu is a good husband and son-in-law. Many people curiously asked Kong Er later how he found such a nice son-in-law. He replied straightforwardly, “A person who believes in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and Falun Dafa is always a good person.”

In 2011, Mr. Liu found a job at Huizhou in Guangdong Province. His work involved repair of railway bridges. He accidentally fell from the top of a bridge column fifty meters high. Everyone on the site was stunned by the scene and afraid he might not survive. Surprisingly, he was not hurt at all. People were flabbergasted at this miracle. Mr. Liu told people later: “In the middle of the fall, I felt that there were two hands holding my body and slowly placing me on the ground. I had a Dafa amulet with me. Dafa's Master saved me. Thank you Master Li, Thank you Dafa!”

When Mr. Liu told his family what had happened, his mother sighed. She said to him, “Your older brother and his wife have not done well. Your younger sister-in-law has had health problems for a long time. But your family is doing very well. I'll live with you when I get older.” Mr. Liu knows in his heart that his mother believes in Dafa. She realizes that Falun Dafa is good.

“Belief in Dafa brings blessings and harmony to everything.” Mr. Liu's story is one of thousands of reported cases where people are rewarded by Dafa, as the practice promotes high moral character and saves people. Its greatness can't be described by any language. Concisely summarized in one sentence: Falun Dafa is good. Thank you to Master and Dafa.