(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Ms. Lin Liyan (林立艳), Ms. Zhao Fenglan (赵凤兰), and Ms. Wang Guizhen (王桂珍, or Wang Guiying [王桂英]) from Yitong County, Jilin Province, were illegally sentenced.

On March 22, 2011, Mrs. Lin, Mrs. Zhao, and Mrs. Wang, all from Xiwei Town in Yitong, posted Shen Yun posters in order to promote traditional Chinese culture. They were reported by villager Zhang Liancai. Officers from the Xiwei Police Station and the Yitong Domestic Security Division took them away and detained them in the Siping City Detention Center, where they remain. The police colluded with personnel from the Yitong Procuratorate and the Yitong Court to fabricate evidence and create unsubstantiated charges. Recently, Mrs. Lin was sentenced to four years in prison, and Ms. Zhao and Ms. Wang to three and a half years each.

The families of the three practitioners went to the Siping City Detention Center on the morning of November 26, 2011. They all cried when they met with the three practitioners, whom they had not seen for more than eight months.

It was said that Falun Gong practitioners from Gongzhuling and Changchun are also detained there.

Cui Limin, director of the Yitong 610 Office: +86-15844476742(Cell), +86-15004429610(Cell), +86-434-4231789(Home), +86-434-4239989(Home), +86-434-4220610(Office)
Criminal Court of Yitong Court in charge of this case:
Zhu Li, presiding judge: +86-13943496699(Cell)
Zhang Hongyan, female, deputy presiding judge: +86-434-4222365(Office), +86-434-4222068(Home), 86-13624349999(Cell)

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