(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Dafa practitioner who just got out of prison, where I was unlawfully held and persecuted for my belief. After I came back, I persisted to study the Fa. When I wrote articles to expose the persecution, the evil in other dimensions created for me huge interference. I realized that it was severe interference, and I finished my articles with righteous thoughts. I know that many practitioners haven't written their persecution experience. To encourage other practitioners, I will share about the interference I incurred when I exposed the persecution and how I cleared the interference away.

Overcoming the Interference of Sleepiness by Studying Fa and Sending Righteous Thoughts

When I just came back, my younger sister, also a practitioner, brought me a DVD of Master's “Teaching the Fa to Australian Students.” I was so excited that I desired to finish the lecture immediately. However, I was strongly interfered with by evil lives and factors from other dimensions in the first ten minutes or so – I felt too sleepy to open my eyes. Not until my head nearly sank down to the floor did I become alert, only to find that I was not listening to Master's lecture. I wasn't being respectful Master and the Fa. So I told myself not to be sleepy again, and restarted the lecture. I ended up restarting the lecture 3 times from the beginning, but I still could not finish it and didn't know what Master lectured on. I had just returned from being imprisoned, and didn't realize it was interference. What I determined was just to finish it. I fell asleep half way through the lecture when trying to watch it for the fourth time. But I didn't give up and played the lecture again. By this time, I finally finished the whole lecture, despite the sleepiness in the process. I thought, “It would be better for me to restart Zhuan Falun now.” So I began to study Zhuan Falun. At first, I felt very sleepy. Even though I was clear that I should persist in studying more, I was too sleepy to open my eyes. I, thus, sent forth righteous thoughts on the hour, studying for a while and sending forth righteous thoughts alternately. I felt better then, and was able to concentrate in studying the Fa. I finished all 9 lectures in a day, without calculating how long it took.

One day, my younger sister told me that I should also study other Fa lectures. Gradually, I began other Fa lectures, studying and shedding tears. At that time, I couldn't help weeping even when I studied Zhuan Falun. I have a deep feeling that whenever I studied the Fa, the microscopic parts of me were directly absorbing it. This gave me indescribable pleasure from the bottom of my heart, and I never experienced such pleasure before.

After I resumed studying the Fa, Master continually purified my body. Once I suddenly felt three crashes in my head, like something bursting, and immediately my mind went blank. Subconsciously, I touched the bed, it was still there; the table, it was also still there; everything was there, but I lost my sense of consciousness. I knew that Master was purifying my body.

At the beginning of my practicing before the persecution, my celestial ear was opened, so that I was able to hear many things in other dimensions. But later my hearing decreased gradually after I was persecuted. One day when I was studying Fa, I felt three crashes in my ears. Later, my ears became different from before – everything I hear sounds beautiful and wonderful, even the sound from the washing machine. Since then, I am able to hear Dafa music in other dimensions all the time. I am thankful that Master purifies my body for me, and this gratefulness can't be expressed with human words.

Dissolving the Interference by Exposing the Persecution

One day another practitioner visited me and said, “Since you've already came back from prison, in order to expose the evil and the persecution, you should write about the persecution you were forced to suffer.” But I didn't realize the issue at that time, so I said, “I haven't studied the Fa for a long time since I was put into prison, so I think now the first thing I should do is to study the Fa more. It is necessary to write articles to expose the persecution, but I think I'd better wait for some time. Studying the Fa is more important now.” The practitioner was aware that I hadn't realized this issue, and reminded me, “Exposing the persecution and the evil is a requirement for Dafa disciples. Meanwhile, this is also a process to validate the Fa, save sentient beings, and eliminate the evil factors existing within your own body’s dimensional fields, from which the evil will be completely disintegrated because it can't find anywhere to hide...” Convinced by the practitioner, I began writing.

In the beginning I incurred huge interference. Whenever I picked up the pen, I felt anxious and my hand, wrist and whole arm hurt, which almost forced me to give up. But I was clear that I couldn't give up because exposing persecution and disintegrating the evil was completely right, which is also in accordance with the Fa. To my dismay, I was attacked by sleepiness and my hand hurt when I began writing, and left only points and lines on the paper. I thought, “I can't continue. Every time I begin writing, I feel sleepy, which wastes too much time and even occupies my Fa-study time. Instead, I can study the nine lectures of Zhuan Falun in a day and improve in this process.” Then I stopped writing. At that time, another practitioner brought me a copy of Minghui Weekly. It included an article by a practitioner that impressed me. This practitioner, whose third eye was open, saw the process of how the evil in other dimensions was cleared out by practitioners. He wanted to write down this process but incurred huge interference from the evil. His state reflected a similarity to mine – his hand, wrist and arm hurt. He got some other practitioners to his house to send forth righteous thoughts together. As the evil was cleared, he finished his writing. I was suddenly enlightened that it is not my sleepiness that interfered with me but the evil in other dimensions. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear the evil. I did this on the hour, every hour. I did this whenever I felt sleepy. Soon, I finished this article.

After I finished, I felt a sense of relief, buoyancy and wonder. Truly, I feel that as I expose the evil and the persecution, my own body’s dimensional field has become brighter and brighter, my health has improved, my skin has become softer, more tender and white, and I feel peaceful and good. I am grateful for Master's merciful protection. It is Master who protects me and guides to cultivate myself and step forward on the right path.

The above is my firsthand experience in exposing the persecution and the evil. It is the path for every Dafa disciple to expose the evildoers' crimes in the persecution. Dafa disciples should follow this path nobly and righteously. I hope all practitioners who haven't written articles to expose the persecution and the evil will actively take up the pen. We should follow Master's words, step forward righteously and save more sentient beings.

With my limited understanding, if anything presented here is not in accordance with the Fa, please point it out. That would be greatly appreciated.