(Clearwisdom.net) During a palace coup attempt against Emperor Hu of Han, which began with accusations of witchcraft, the crown prince Liu Ju and his son Liu Jin were both killed. Liu Jin's newborn son was also put in jail. A law enforcement inspector named Bing Ji was in charge of investigating the case and knew that the crown prince, Liu Ju, had been falsely accused. He pitied the baby and arranged the honest female prisoners Hu Zu and Guo Zhenqing to take care of the infant in a nice room.

Later Emperor Hu became sick and was told there was a symbol for the Emperor appearing in Changan Prison. Angered, Emperor Hu ordered an emissary to kill all the prisoners there. When the emissary came to the prison that night, Bing Ji barred the gate and said to him, "The Emperor's great grandson is here. Even an ordinary person cannot be killed unless he commits a crime, then how can the Emperor's innocent great grandson be killed?"

The emissary returned and reported everything to Emperor Hu. When the Emperor finally understood the truth, he decreed an amnesty.

During ancient times when the Emperor had the right to kill at will, how could Bing Ji, a low-ranking law enforcement inspector, dare to act against his imperial orders and not be afraid of severe punishment? Bing Ji knew the truth and followed his conscience to protect the innocent, but it was also out of his sense of righteousness and duty as a law enforcement officer to enforce the law with justice. Bing Ji was rewarded for his good deed later and was promoted to prime minister.

This historic story illustrates a principle. Do not lose your sense of justice and go along with those in power or lust for power. Look at the facts, protect good and innocent people and refuse to be the regime's hatchet men. Standing on the side of justice is also helping oneself and following heaven's principle that good is rewarded with good, and evil meets with retribution.

In 1992 Falun Gong was introduced to the world. The principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance have truly benefited people physically and mentally. During the communist regime's persecution, through the persistent effort of Falun Gong practitioners, many people have made the right choices.

There are two police officers in Tai'an City, Shandong Province. Officer A was very active in arresting practitioners and raiding their homes, because he wished to get promoted by going along with the persecution. Despite the fact that he slavishly followed the regime and committed many crimes, he was later fired. When officer B was sent to search practitioners' homes, he would pretend to not see the Falun Gong books or materials and even quietly tell the practitioners to hide them well. He told one practitioner, "I believe what Master Li said. Falun Gong is indeed very good." Officer B was later promoted and became the head of the local police station. He is always very polite to practitioners in the area under his charge. His family lives peacefully.

A police officer was on duty in Liaoning Province. A man dragged a woman to the police station and reported her for distributing Falun Gong materials. The officer took the man to the yard and said to him, “It's Jiang Zemin who started this persecution. Someday, when Falun Gong is redressed, the CCP may name you first as their scapegoat. The same things happened during the Cultural Revolution. The man became scared and said repeatedly, “Forget I came here! Just pretend it never happened.” The officer returned and said to the practitioner, “Leave here quickly. I know practitioners are all good people." This officer had read some Falun Gong booklets and knew the persecution was wrong. He had participated in the raiding of the practitioners' homes before and wanted to make up for his crimes. He understood the principle of karmic retribution and said he would try his best to protect Falun Gong practitioners.

Nan Hua is the head of a domestic security division. He used to be very active in the persecution. After local practitioners talked to him several times, he gradually understood the truth and how the CCP is committing crimes when it persecutes practitioners. Later he agreed to quit the Party and its associated organizations. He has protected practitioners several times by using his position of authority. He released practitioners arrested by local police. He ignored the reports about Falun Gong practitioners and warned the related practitioners to be cautious. Once a local officer arrested a practitioner from an adjacent district. Nan Hua insisted on releasing the practitioner despite his deputy's disagreement. Under his influence, police officers treat practitioners kindly. Recently, when a practitioner was reported, five or six officers took the practitioner to a police car. However, they let the practitioner go as soon as they drove away from the area.