(Clearwisdom.net) One day in October, a few practitioners held an experience-sharing conference. At the conference, practitioner A gave the following two examples of cultivating xinxing.

Why am I hearing about this?

Practitioner A went to visit a practitioner who lives in the countryside. The practitioner wanted to give practitioner A a few ears of corn from her field, but A was in a hurry and couldn’t wait for her. This practitioner later told practitioner A that she went to her field with two non-practitioners that day. The two people started cursing when they saw that their corn had been stolen. The practitioner thought that if she did not curse with them, they would think that she stole the corn, so she did what they did and also cursed. She felt uneasy with saying bad words when she returned home.

When the practitioner mentioned this to a local coordinator, the coordinator asked each of us about our opinions regarding this matter. Each of us had the same answer: practitioners should not curse. Practitioner A wondered why she was hearing about this, and looked inside to see if she also has the same attachment or some bad thoughts towards others.

Eliminating a two-year-long omission

When the Chinese Communist Party was rampantly arresting practitioners a few years ago, a practitioner in that area was taken away by the police. To try and help rescue that practitioner and to let people know the facts about Falun Gong in their region, they printed a number of truth clarification materials, including photos of the police who have persecuted practitioners. All of the local practitioners actively cooperated with each other in this project. When a practitioner went to the police station to ask for the release of the arrested practitioner, the police chief said angrily: “How dare you ask for this practitioner? You printed such a big picture of my face. See how I will punish you!” That practitioner became scared and told the officer that practitioner A had given her the materials.

Practitioner A was very angry when she heard about this, and thought that this should not be the behavior of a practitioner. Practitioner A did not cooperate with that practitioner for two years and always resented him in her heart. After watching Master's video, “Teaching the Fa to Australian Students,” she seriously looked inward, and realized that it was due to her own attachment of fear that led to the practitioner informing the police about her.

After finding her shortcoming, practitioner A took the initiative to admit that it was her fault to that practitioner. They shared their understandings with each other and were able to eliminate the gap that had existed between them for two years. They now cooperate well with each other and have turned a bad incident into something good. After hearing practitioner A's sharing, other practitioners also looked inward to find their own shortcomings in cultivation.