(Clearwisdom.net) Guangzhou Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Luo Liping was arrested by agents from the Longfeng Street Police Station and the street administration office on January 21, 2010. She was sentenced to eighteen months of forced labor. When her term was up, she was persecuted for an additional 45 days. Below is her account of the persecution she has suffered.

Arrested after Ordering Tickets via Phone

When I called to order tickets to the Shen Yun show in Hong Kong in January 2010, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutors were monitoring my phone. Later, when I went to apply for the visa to Hong Kong, regime agents confiscated my identification card.

Several days later, personnel from the street administration deceived me into opening my door. Some police officers were with them and immediately pushed their way in and ransacked my home. They took my personal belongings, including Dafa books, materials, cash, and a computer. They arrested me and took me to the local police station. The next day, I was sent to a detention center.

I was locked up in a small, unlit cell at the detention center, with more that ten other people. We were kept there there day and night. When we slept, there wasn't enough room so we could only sleep sideways crammed together next to one another. We all had to take turns being on duty. If we were caught taking a nap while on duty, we were cursed at and the guards kicked hard on the cell door to awaken everyone. Every week, the guards searched our beds and clothing. The female guards also body-searched everyone.

After being in the detention center for 17 days I was sent to a forced labor camp. During my physical check, the doctor said that I had high blood pressure. The guards nonetheless ordered the doctor to record that I had a “normal condition,” thus I was sent to the forced labor camp.

Persecution at Women's Forced Labor Camp in Guangdong Province

I was sent to Chatou Women's Forced Labor Camp in Guangzhou in late January 2010. There were 18 people in one cell. The two women sleeping above my bed were assigned to watch me.

At that time there were over 20 practitioners detained there, and every practitioner was monitored by two inmates. We were not allowed to practice the exercises or talk to one another. We were even followed when we ate or used the restroom. If practitioners didn't agree to be “transformed,” their families weren't allowed to drop off daily necessities, to call, or to write letters.

I was later forced to do heavy labor. Since this May, we've been forced to sing communist songs every morning. We have to keep singing until breakfast is ready. If we don't sing, everyone is sent to the strict discipline unit and locked up in the cell for the entire day, not allowed to go to bed until midnight, and all practitioners will get their terms extended.

On the day I was released from the labor camp, instead of returning home, I was sent to a brainwashing center and detained there for 45 days.