(Clearwisdom.net) I want to report to Master and fellow practitioners about my experiences of using a cell phone to clarify the truth and save sentient beings.

I now understand that the reason why cellular phones have been so widely spread is because we can use them to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution; to save sentient beings. We can use cell phones to spread our message to a large area in a very short period of time. There are always restrictions with other methods, it seems, but using cellular phones we can reach out to anyone regardless of their social status, professional background, or age. Every single text message I send out can be very powerful in eliminating the evil elements and saving sentient beings.

Saving sentient beings with a pure heart

It has been three years since I first started texting people the facts. Originally I added symbols in my messages to avoid censorship. However, the symbols were confusing, and the outcome was not very effective. A few months ago, I achieved some breakthroughs in my xinxing which helped me to find some new ways.

Master said,

"The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What's key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things." (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston”)

Whatever we do, we must hold on to one key factor—do we have a pure heart? If the answer is no, it will be difficult for us to offer salvation to sentient beings.

Security became a crucial issue for me when I first started-- I was worried that the evil elements would be able to locate where I was calling from and listen to my conversations, and that I should not call from home, etc. My state of mind was unstable. Later, I realized that being a true Dafa disciple, I should not constantly position myself as a person being persecuted; I should not always connect my Dafa tasks with the persecution. Other practitioners might share the same state of mind, and it could be a big hurdle for us. We came here to assist Teacher in rectifying the Fa. As long as we walk a righteous path, Dafa will protect us.

Master said, "The evil takes advantage of the slightest gap and glares menacingly at every single word and action of yours." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference") The evil forces might persecute us if they know that we are making Falun Gong materials. The actual factor behind the persecution is the evil forces. If we deny the evil persecution completely, and if we study the Fa in tranquility and cultivate ourselves well, we can eliminate our attachments, and elevate to the standards of the new universe. When we are able to do so, our security will be guaranteed.

Some people call me back after receiving my text messages. At the beginning, I was not very sure how to react, and so the result was not very good. Later on, after my righteous thoughts became stronger, I answered every return call and a majority of them usually end up renouncing their membership in the CCP or its affiliates after talking with me on the phone. They are often excited and some of their responses are very touching. For example, someone told me, “I support you!” “What you’re doing is very meaningful. Contact me if you need my help.” Someone asked me if they could forward the messages to other people.

Sentient beings are earnestly waiting to be saved

I still feel that I need to break through some of my notions. For example, in the past, I mainly texted people in the local area. However, one day, after I just sent a text message to a person without thinking too much about the phone number, a call came in, and I realized that I just sent a message to someone in Shanghai, a big city. I did not have to work very hard before that person agreed to quit the CCP. This helped me to realize my old thinking that “people in Shanghai were hard to save because that environment was very vicious” was not right.

After sending a text message to some people one day, a couple of them sent me bad words. I was not touched by that, and sent them a second message as if nothing had happened. Those two people immediately returned my texts with more bad words, and soon after that, one of them called and told me that he was a Party member. Calmly, I told him the truth about Dafa. He easily agreed to quit the Party. Before I could put my phone away, the second person also called. Again I talked to him calmly, but he said that he did not believe in what I said and hung up. About two hours later, he sent me a text message that said, “I don’t believe in communism, but I don’t believe in gods either. I’m a practical person. Sorry for cursing you earlier.” I replied, “I believe you’re a kind-hearted person. I still want to tell you that it’s better for you to believe in what I told you. Draw a clear line between you and the CCP by quitting.” He then replied, “Ok, I trust you this one time and I quit.”

I found out that we should not judge people by their looks and choose whom to save or not to save. We should offer salvation to every sentient being that can be saved. The majority of people I have contacted have changed their attitudes towards Falun Gong, and many happily quit the CCP.

I also learned that sentient beings are earnestly longing to be saved. One person agreed to quit before I even told him the truth of Falun Gong. Afterwards, he sent me a text message that said, “I had been very depressed lately. Your message suddenly made me feel so relaxed. Please send me more messages like this in the future.”

Those who call me back or sent me text messages all must have predestined relationships with me, so I sometimes send them more comprehensive information about Falun Gong. Sometimes I told myself that it was just like what Teacher said: We are helping to save sentient beings that we are responsible for.

However, among those who did not want to quit, some of them had been polluted by CCP propaganda and possessed a strong prejudice toward Falun Gong. To save those people, I normally spend much more time to help them understand the truth about Dafa. A gentleman from Shanghai once called me back. After I clarified the truth to him for more than twenty minutes, he told me that he would give me a few more minutes for me to convince him to quit. Unfortunately, I failed to convince him in the end.

A cultivation process

I understand that clarifying the truth to sentient beings on the phone is actually a process of cultivation for me. I normally did not mention “CCP” when I received calls from people at the beginning because I was afraid that the evil elements would record our conversations. Later I realized that I would not be able to offer people salvation if I, myself, was not righteous. After I began to think about the welfare of these sentient beings whole-heartedly, I found it was much easier for me to clarify the truth.. Every sentence and every word that I said was clear and powerful, because all I thought about was to offer them salvation. I imagined that if I could see the other dimensions, I probably would have seen that coming out from my mouth were sharp swords, or lotus flowers. Such a strong righteous atmosphere has a strong impact on the listeners, and, hence, the effects are very good.

At present, I do not miss a single call. Every day, I am happily offering salvation to sentient beings. Through constant practice, I can feel clearly that the factor of fear which used to haunt me has been reduced greatly, and my xinxing has also improved.

When a young woman called me one day, I was suddenly gripped with fear: My body started to shake and my feet felt weak. Although she was not very friendly, she did not threaten me either. I told myself that for whatever reason: “Now that you (fear) had surfaced, I should grab you and completely eliminate you.” After that, I calmed down and my state of mind was resolute.

Although I had previously participated in making and delivering truth-clarifying materials, I had not directly talked to people to convince them to quit the Party. I had only helped some family members, friends, and relatives to quit at places that I believed were appropriate. Because of that, I had only helped a very few people directly to quit. I did a brief count lately: In less than three months, however, by using the phone, I have been able to help over 400 hundred people to do quit the CCP and its affiliates.

With a Dafa practitioner’s wisdom and pure heart, topped with assistance from heavenly beings, I am able to use my cellphone to tell people the truth about Dafa. Assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa is the vow that we made when we came to this world. I want to cultivate diligently together with other fellow practitioners so as to help save more sentient beings. I will do what I should so that I will deserve the grand title given to us as a “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.”