(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Cao Jun, an employee of the Plant Protection Station at Ximeng Agricultural Bureau in Inner Mongolia, was illegally arrested by the local 610 Office on the morning of October 26 and taken to Baochang Town Brainwashing Center in Taibus. Another practitioner, Yang Jingli, a retired teacher from Baochang Town, was arrested and taken to the same brainwashing center on October 10.

610 Offices all over China have organized brainwashing sessions in the name of carrying out “legal education” to detain and persecute practitioners.

In 2008, Cao Jun was illegally arrested while he was at work. His home was ransacked, and he was unjustly sentenced to two years of forced labor, and imprisoned in the Wuyuan Forced Labor Camp in Inner Mongolia.

Baochang Town Brainwashing Center, secretly established around early October, is located at the Youzheng guest house. The duration of their brainwashing sessions is at least 40 days, or more. Besides agents from the local 610 Office, staff from the workplace of detained practitioners are also enlisted to participate in “transforming” practitioners.

To avoid being discovered, the brainwashing center only arrests two or three practitioners at a time. Another practitioner will be brought in only after one is released. According to recent updates, two practitioners were released several days after they were taken to the brainwashing center. At present, it is known if Yang Jingli and Cao Jun are the only two practitioners illegally detained in the brainwashing center, or if there are also other practitioners detained there.

The chief perpetrators behind these brainwashing sessions are the 610 Offices in Inner Mongolia, Xilin Gol, as well as various police department officials in Ximeng. This brainwashing center is targeting Ximeng district Falun Gong practitioners.

Chief perpetrators:
Taibus 610 Office: +86-479-5238020
Zhang Jianguo, head of the Taibus 610 Office: +86-13904795026, +86-15904792088
Xu Jiqing, deputy head of the Taibus Party Committee Office: +86-479-5238610
Head of the Taibus Police Department office: +86-479-5227029
Chen Wu, political head of Taibus Police Department: +86-479-5227002
Taibus Police Station: +86-479-5227012
Domestic Security Division of Taibus Police Department: +86-479-5227030
Police officers in Taibus Police Station:
Wang Ruijun: +86-13947915338
Cao Yi: +86-15847958198
(More perpetrators are listed in the original Chinese article.)