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Everyone’s course of cultivation practice is recorded. I can see how I cultivated in the past, as well as how I cultivate currently. During my course of cultivation practice, Master has enabled me to see some scenes to help me eliminate my attachments. I had a strong attachment to curiosity, and it took me a long time to remove it. After seeing many large eyes in other dimensions, I was wondering, “Why I didn’t see Master’s large eyes? Master should have numerous large eyes.” I took a look at Master and did see a lot of large eyes. I mentally said to Master, “Master, I will not try to see it again. It is my attachment.” Master showed me whatever I wanted to see; but I needed to find my attachment after seeing. It was just for getting rid of attachments. For example, Master let me see “three flowers gathering above the head (sanhua juding).” I then said, “Master, I will not be attached to this. How nice it would be if I cultivate to reach that state by myself.”

Once I saw in another dimension that Master was tied and being whipped by a negative being. The whipping was so severe, and it tore Master’s clothes. I cried, grabbed the whip and twisted it away. I also scolded the negative being. However, Master said, “Bound up and kneeling down.” I was then bound tightly and kneeling there. Master told me, “You should take a hard look at yourself.” Master has endured innumerable karma for us. It is Master who suffers the real hardship for us. Seeing Master enduring and suffering for us, I cannot stand for it. I enlightened that Master endures for us in order to offer us salvation. The divine beings in the past didn’t have such capacity to do this. Only Master is capable of enduring for all sentient beings.

After April 25, 1999 I sensed that the situation would change soon. While sitting in meditation, I saw that Dafa was persecuted and some practitioners were sent to prison. However, I didn’t realize I should do something to stop the persecution. I thought that it was because of our karma, rather than seeing it as “cultivation amidst Fa-rectification.”

I appealed to Beijing four times after July 20, 1999. I stayed in Beijing for almost a year and was arrested a dozen times. I liked practicing the exercises in Tiananmen Square. I was always the last one to be taken away by the police. Actually Master didn’t arrange those tribulations for me. Whenever I was arrested in Beijing, it was all because of my attachments. After I let go of them, I could easily manage to escape since I didn't have that tribulation. At that time, I only understood that I needed to suffer and eliminate my karma. In addition to my heavy sentimentality to Master, I didn’t enlighten to our cultivating amidst Fa-rectification. Because of my notions, I imposed additional tribulations on myself.

Although the evil seemed to blot out the sky and the earth, I stayed in Beijing. Actually it was Master giving me such courage.

I appealed to both city government and provincial government after July 20, 1999. I was in Guangzhou City on July 20. There was no place to appeal in Guangdong Province because the police arrested practitioners everywhere. So I went to Beijing on the following day with a Falun badge on my jacket. I wrote letters to clarify the facts about Falun Gong and sent them to governments at all levels. My home phone was soon monitored.

After I arrived in Beijing, I first went to a park to do the exercises, thinking that by doing so other practitioners would find me. I was not afraid. In the end, no police came to stop me. But I didn’t see practitioners either. I also validated the Fa in some other cities after I left Beijing.

Afterwards I came back to Guangzhou and exchanged my experience with many practitioners. I told them that each of us should come out to validate the Fa and tell people of the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa.

I used my home phone to contact practitioners and called them to do the exercises together as a group. Because my home phone was monitored after July 20, 1999, I was soon arrested and taken to the police station. The police asked me to write a guarantee statement and to promise not to practice Falun Gong anymore. I sat there and said, “Why would I give in and lose the battle? Our Dafa must be the winner!” I still had a competitive mentality at that time. The police forced me to write something. I then wrote about the greatness of Falun Dafa. They monitored me at night, and found to their surprise that I was still energetic, despite my not sleeping. One officer asked me, “You Falun Gong practitioners seem really good. We have to take turns to sleep, how come you do not feel sleepy?” I told him, “I’m writing about the wonderfulness of Falun Dafa. It’s to spread Dafa. How can I feel sleepy?” I was released the next day.

In August 1999 I learned that it was the evil Jiang who ordered the persecution of Falun Gong. I then appealed to Beijing again and planned to visit Zhongnanhai to sue Jiang. I drafted a letter to Jiang when I was on the train, and I directly headed to Zhongnanhai by taxi. I walked to the front door of Zhongnanhai, and told a guard that I was a Dafa practitioner and needed to talk to Jiang. A plain-clothes police officer quickly put me in a van and took me to the police station.

They took Dafa books that I brought with me, and later transferred me to an asylum. I felt that it was not a place where Dafa disciples should stay; so I mentally said to Master, “Master, I’m really wrong. I should not cooperate with the evil.” The police detained many practitioners in the asylum. As soon as I walked in, practitioners shouted, “Are you a practitioner? Come here.” I then joined them and happily practiced the exercises in a group again. Soon, however, the head of the Shenzhen Office in Beijing transferred me to their office.

I was sent into solitary confinement. As soon as the officers left, I immediately tried to escape. They heard the noise and then came back and physically restrained me. I said that I demanded to meet Jiang and I wanted to sue Jiang. The officers pulled me into another room. I then sat in meditation. When the officers left at night, I opened the room door and felt about in the dark to go downstairs. However, it was too dark and I couldn’t find the stairs. I had to move back to the room.

I mentally asked Master for help, “Master, I couldn’t find the gate. Please help me. I cannot stay here. I need to appeal.” Then the window in the room was opened. I crossed the window frame and stepped on the air conditioner, saying, “Master, I’m going to jump down.” I relaxed my grip and immediately jumped down. It turned out that I landed on the ground steadily. I looked around and found that I was still in the asylum yard. The yard had a gate, and it was locked with a large lock. I went to check the lock and found it automatically opened. “Thank you, Master!” I opened the gate and quickly ran away.

I entered a five-star hotel. The Falun badge was still on my jacket. I told the attendant that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and wanted to stay there, but I didn’t have an ID because the communist regime took it away. I stood at the front desk and kept telling the facts about the persecution to the attendant. The attendant finally assigned me to a room. I thought I should take a bath and checked my clothes. To my surprise, everything was as clean as a brand new penny. Maybe they went through other dimensions.

I then went to Tiananmen Square again, thinking to I could find practitioners to sue Jiang together. But I didn’t find any. I called quite a few practitioners and shared my thinking. They agreed to come to Beijing. I then went to an economy hotel to prepare accommodations for the practitioners. I told the hotelier that I was a Falun Gong practitioner and that my ID had been taken away by the police. The hotelier said, “Just stay here. Don’t worry.” I told him that I wanted to book a whole floor and asked him to reserve it for me. Many practitioners successively came in. I continued calling practitioners. As more and more joined us, we rented another whole floor. Because I didn’t have the attachment of fear, everything I did went very smoothly.

(To be continued)