(Clearwisdom.net) To facilitate persecuting Falun Gong, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) formed the 610 Office, an extra-legal organization with power over all governmental authorities. The 610 Office often manipulates from behind the scenes, and it has committed all kinds of crimes against humanity through the security and legal system under its control.

In the morning on August 23, 2011, the Jiaonan City Court in Shandong Province held a sham trial at Dashan Detention Centre in Qingdao City against four Falun Gong practitioners: Xing Huaiping, Liu Meiqin, Zhang Xiuhua and Fu Aixian. Except for a few family members of Xing Huaiping who managed to find out the time of the trial, the families of the other three did not receive any official notice of the trial.

Afterwards, Zhang Xiuhua's family members and the lawyer they had engaged from Beijing went to the court to ask the judge why they were not informed of the trial. Judge Liu Jinren tried to evade his responsibility and said they acted according to the “wishes of the 610 Office”. Zhang's family members then asked him if the 610 Office could control the system of the police, the public prosecutor's office, and the court. Liu said without any reservation, “The 610 Office represents the Party.”

In China, judges do not handle cases according to law; they listen to instructions from the 610 Office. If the 610 Office wants to prevent lawyers from defending Falun Gong practitioners, the judges may not even notify family members about the trials of their loved ones. If the 610 Office wants to sentence innocent Falun Gong practitioners to prison, the judges would sentence them to prison terms decided by the 610 Office. How on earth does the 610 Office have such power? Judge Liu Jinren said openly, “The 610 Office represents the 'Party'.” The evil party does whatever it wants. The Party can unscrupulously trample the law, trample on human rights, and trample on morals and conscience!

From the arrogant manner and the conduct of the judge, people can see through the nature of the 610 Office and the evil party. Despite the unscrupulousness of the 610 Office, there are still lawyers who have stepped forward to seek justice and defend Falun Gong practitioners. Their resistance against the 610 Office is also a call for justice and conscience that has been trampled by the CCP in China.

In June 2011 Falun Gong practitioners Wei Xiang and Zhang Jianping lodged an appeal against an unlawful sentence by Xihu District Court in Hangzhou City. The Intermediate Court in Hangzhou asked lawyer Xie Yanyi to submit a defense, in which the lawyer appealed to the judges and the public prosecutors to face the fact that to suppress and persecute people by the criminal justice system for their belief is a product of a particular historical period. This inglorious page in history is about to be turned over. It violates heavenly principles and the state law, and it goes against the concept of justice and the will of the people.

To warn the judge, attorney Xie Yanyi paraphrased the famous French writer Victor Hugo, “In the face of evil, if you do not say no, you are the same as an accomplice.” He also said, “Today, when our legal professionals face a choice in handling a case, and when we can make a choice, but we do not do so, and then try to shift our responsibilities to the system itself, then we are being extremely irresponsible. In the future when we look back, we may feel extremely ashamed and regretful for our weakness, selfishness, and short-sightedness!

In fact, lawyer Xie Yanyi's defense is also a powerful blow to the “wishes of the 610 Office”. Today, when people are becoming more and more clear-headed, the 610 Office figures prominently as an evil criminal organization in the record book of the CCP's crimes.