Greetings, our great compassionate Master!
Greetings, fellow disciples!

I began cultivating in 1996. It has benefited both my mind and body, with lots of illnesses disappearing. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, I went to Beijing multiple times to validate Dafa. I learned through Fa-study that following Master is a predestined opportunity that comes once in a billion years, and we made vows in a prehistorical time. We must rectify ourselves during the process of saving sentient beings and reach maturity.

I. Abandoning Human Notions, Walking My Own Path

Master taught us in “Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People,”

“For this reason, all Dafa disciples, students both new and veteran, should get to work and begin comprehensively clarifying the truth.”

According to Master's requirement, I decided to step out to clarify the truth to people and persuade them to make the “three withdrawals”. I had one thought, to save as many sentient beings as possible in the least amount of time. I was in forced labor for more than two years, which wasted time instead of saving people. I was eager to catch up with fellow practitioners who did very well, and grew an attachment to doing things. I went to the main streets and talked to anyone I met. One lady was angry at my “boldness,” gave me a stare, then quickly left. Another elderly man tried to drag me to the police station. I said, “Big brother, I am here for your wellbeing. You see how people have become so depraved, heaven will rectify all those. Who can stop heaven from destroying the CCP? If I do not tell you, how can you learn such information?” He quieted down and rode his bike away.

One morning, I talked to 20 people, but no one agreed to quit the CCP. The more anxious I became, the less positive were the results. In a few days, my nose and lips grew blisters due to anxiety. I felt saving people was too hard, the evil was giving me a hard time and decreasing my righteous thoughts. In my heart, I knew all those were false images. Master has pushed us to our position before July 20, 1999. I am not a common cultivator: I am heavenly king or lord that came down as my heavenly realm's only hope of being saved. I must walk straight ahead along the righteous path.

I looked inside calmly and found my anxiety was blocking sentient beings from being saved. Once during sitting meditation, I recalled Master's teaching. I realized that a Buddha, or an enlightened being would not be in the kind of state I was in. Their outer appearance and inner realm are all very serene and merciful. Their words are like poems, flowing melodies. How could my anxious tones save people? The old forces were exploiting my loopholes.

I also realized that the anxiety is not from my true-self. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to cleanse all rotten material and old force elements in my dimensions. In order to arrive at a higher level of purity, I had to study the Fa seriously. I read more than three lectures of Zhuan Falun per day. I systematically studied Master's other teachings as well as Zhuan Falun. I recited the Fa after a period of time. The Fa has endless power. Master saw my sincere will to save people and strengthened me, helped me and protected me while saving people. I constantly rectified myself, adjusted my mind, got rid of anxiety and the attachment of doing things.

Following Master's teaching, I face each person with compassion. In order to save some people, I sometimes help people to mind their children, carry things, push carts, even accompany them to walk a long distance. Gradually, my path formed, and it has become wider and wider. Helping to save people became a much smoother process.

Later I found there were too many vehicles on the main roads. I decided to call them to come down to the sidewalk to save them. But at first my human notion made me hesitate. I was shy and afraid people would get annoyed that I delayed their personal affairs. Whenever I missed the chance to clarify the truth to them, I would feel regretful.

I read Master's teaching in “Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference,”

“History won't recur. The history of the cosmos and the Three Realms have gone through so many, long, long years--what have all the beings been waiting for? What are they all here for? For exactly these few years!”

A high enlightened being's one thought can create a universe. My will to save sentient beings is not casual, but concrete material; it is equal to my having made a serious vow! The appearance on the human dimension's surface is all false imagery. The seemingly busy beings have all come for the Fa. I must break apart from human notions, shed my human shell and awaken people with compassion. I actively tried to put that into practice and have been attaining good results.

For example, once I saw a gentleman riding a motorcycle very slowly, and he was looking at me. I talked to him naturally, and he stopped politely. I told him how the CCP is corrupt, and has killed so many innocent people, how Jiang started the persecution of Falun Gong, etc. He agreed. When I asked if he'd be willing to make the three withdrawals, he said, no need, I have to go. I quickly stopped him and said, “My brother, please listen to two more words.” Meanwhile, I begged Master to save him. My kindness moved him, he said to me, “My whole family believes in Jesus. I quickly replied, “I can tell you are good people. You truly need to withdraw from the CCP, because the CCP is atheist. When God eliminates the CCP, which side will you belong to? I am truly for your wellbeing, please quit the CCP. He smiled, and agreed to quit. I told him to tell his whole family to quit, remember “Falun Dafa is good!” Seeing him ride away, I thought that if I failed to call him to stop, he might have lost his chance.

II. Constantly Correcting Myself to Save More Sentient Beings

We first clarified the truth in nearby places, but many fellow practitioners were working there, and many people would tell me that they had already quit the CCP. I then went to places with fewer people, and even went to remote areas accompanied by one fellow disciple. We walked a few miles on foot. I wore out two pairs of shoes one summer. In order to save sentient beings, we climbed walls, waded through ditches and walked through dangerous roads. I got rid of my fear when passing through a scary bridge. The fellow disciple who accompanied me got many blisters on her feet. We were baked under the sun, and our faces became tanned. Master was strengthening us, and we helped to save 50-60 people each morning. I often recited Master's words,

“A benevolent person always has a heart of compassion.
With no discontentment or hatred, he takes hardship as joy.” (“Realms” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

As we walked the whole summer, many strangers became acquaintances. Many had quit already. The average number of people we helped to save remained around 30-40 per morning. I searched inward: was I attached to quantity? No, I found I had an attachment to satisfaction. I thought my heavenly kingdom may not have that many sentient beings. It is pretty good that we came out daily to do this, we were so much better than some disciples. I realized such thoughts resulted from laziness, and not putting others before myself. No matter how many sentient beings we helped save, we still did not reach the standard of the new cosmos. I was shocked, this is not my true-self! I must cleanse it out and dissolve it to purify my celestial system. I found my problem, upgraded my xinxing and resumed saving people with a high spirit.

From then on, my fellow disciple and I took the bus to go to far away districts, where there are fewer disciples. Once we saw many people on the road, we were very eager to save them. There were four temporary workers by the roadside, and we approached them while sending forth righteous thoughts. We talked to wave after wave of people. When I tried to leave, one of them ran back to us and said, “Aunty, don't go yet, there are a few more people over there.” We helped more than 20 people to make the three withdrawals.

Another time, we were on our way back home, when a lady called us to come to her office. She asked, “What are you promoting?” I clarified the truth to her and answered all her questions. She suddenly quit the CCP with her true name.

We found there were construction sites all over the city. I knew it was not accidental for me to see those. Master arranged for me to save more beings within the least amount of time. The opportunity is here. Large numbers of laborers were concentrated at those sites. We could help around 70-80 people quit the CCP every morning. We stood there speaking to them loudly like we were giving a speech. Some of them shouted “Falun Dafa is great”. Those laborers would then bring the message to their families, spread Dafa and save more beings.

III. Getting Rid of Fear to Reach Maturity

My fellow disciple and I formed one body. We left home at 7:30 a.m., and helped save beings the whole morning, then studied the Fa the entire afternoon and sent forth righteous thoughts more than ten times per day. We cooperated smoothly, helped each other while clarifying the truth by taking turns to send forth righteous thoughts, reminding each other to share the work load together. We also matured in talking to people one on one.

In 2008, the CCP accelerated the persecution during the Olympics. plainclothes officers and police vehicles covered the streets. We knew these were all false appearances and had nothing to do with our saving sentient beings. Let the evil be scared themselves. Our daily trips still went on without being affected. Of course, in order to save beings better, we were more clearheaded, more rational, and had more wisdom. We treat each being with divine compassion; we are never moved by any misunderstandings, and only smile in reply.

In the past six years of saving sentient beings, I encountered more than a dozen tribulations. Some happened during face to face truth clarification, some happened in the countryside, some happened when passing out Shen Yun DVDs. Under Master's protection, I resolved the dangerous situations repeatedly. Sometimes the danger passed by within a one second gap, sometimes I froze the evil who tried to report us. Sometimes I got rid of agents' stalking us with wisdom. Sometimes Master helped us escape danger. I am very lucky. I always look inside after each occasion. Why did it occur?

I know one thing for sure about why each time I was always safe. Firstly, Master and the Fa guardians are around me, so no one dares to touch me. Secondly, studying the Fa well will give us strong righteous thoughts. If we put Dafa in our brain, so that each character is Master's Fashen, the evil will be dissolved upon contact. Thirdly, we have supernormal abilities with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. The evil is afraid of us because we are the main characters on the current stage, and we have no relationships with the old forces.

I wrote this article not to show off, but to help fulfill our mutual prehistorical vow. How can we save more sentient beings at this last moment? Let us live up to the great title of Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, and not let down Master's benevolent salvation! Let us do well during our Fa-rectification period cultivation. Fellow disciples, let us be diligent, for all that you have gone through since ancient times, was for none other than this time.