(Minghui.org) “Under a boundless sky, the Buddha’s glory and light shone forth and radiated in all directions. The Buddhas and Daos of the upper realms heard the distant beckoning of mercy and compassion, and heeded the call. Riding atop clouds they arrived, joyously, in succession. It is at such an auspicious moment, here and now, that we come together.”

Eighth Mainland Internet Experience Sharing Conference

Such was the scene that unfolded before the mind’s eye of a mainland Chinese Dafa disciple. The vision unfolded upon his reading the announcement of the Eighth Annual Minghui Mainland Dafa Disciples Internet Experience Sharing Conference. He shared his vision with the Minghui editors as he submitted his paper for the annual Conference, which is now upon us. This marks the Conference’s eighth year.

There is much that is significant about each year’s papers, whether they are run as part of the conference or as regular articles afterwards. The act of writing about one’s experiences is for the purpose of cultivating oneself, as well as for doing better in the time ahead. Each paper is thus instrumental to the path we walk.

At the same time, each paper serves more largely as a record of, and meditation upon, a Dafa disciple’s cultivation journey, just as each is ultimately the outcome of Master’s compassionate support and all that he has done to save us. What we read gives but a glimpse of all that was, and is, involved. So much more is there behind every story, unspoken.

“Forever turns the Falun; Boundless is the Buddha Fa.” It is difficult to express how we feel towards Master for all that he has selflessly done for us, and the boundless grace, that we have experienced since 1992. And how much more so would the feelings be, were we to consider all that was done for us in the distant past and the course of history.

As disciples of Dafa, all we can do is to cultivate diligently and seize the day to save people. Only thus might we be worthy of the tremendous, everlasting grace that Master has blessed us with—a grace never known before to man, and never to be seen again.

Here and now, we come together, indeed. Since July of 1999 we have followed Master on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation. Even though we cannot yet see well the magnificent, marvelous sites in other dimensions, as Dafa disciples we know in our hearts: those magnificent, glorious things are far more real and tangible than anything presented to our eyes here in this world.

Today marks the official beginning of the Eighth Annual Minghui Mainland Dafa Disciples Internet Experience Sharing Conference. The very fact that it is happening—and for the eighth successive year—speaks volumes. The evil party’s Internet blockade cannot stop it. The old forces’ ordeals cannot stop it. The karma accrued over many a lifetime cannot stop it. And nor can the panoply of illusions here in this mortal world stop it. It cannot be stopped, for we are Fa-rectification Dafa Disciples who have come to validate the Fa.

Minghui Editors

November 9, 2011