(Clearwisdom.net) Officials of the Guiyang Railroad Locomotive Factory have actively participated in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners over the past decade.

1. They have dismissed practitioner employees and cut off their source of income. They followed Jiang Zemin's three policies of “ruining their reputations, devastating them financially, and destroying them physically” in persecuting practitioners. According to law, forced labor terms should not result in termination of employment. However, the Guiyang Railroad Locomotive Factory fired practitioners who were sent to labor camps so that they could not make a living when they were released. Unemployed people can be granted a minimum guaranteed allowance. However, the Falun Gong practitioners from this factory have never been given any basic allowance. Nine practitioners were dismissed in this fashion.

2. Chinese Communist Party (CCP} personnel broke into the practitioners' homes, seized them, and took to the brainwashing center. The factory withdrew the practitioners' salaries and paid the brainwashing center 4000 to 5000 yuan every month. It created huge financial difficulties for the families of the practitioners.

3. Whenever it is a holiday or a sensitive day, especially when the “Sixteenth National Party Congress” was held, the CCP personnel from the factory carried guns and stood watch in front of every Falun Gong practitioner's home. They harassed and followed the practitioners during these periods.