(Clearwisdom.net) I am a Falun Gong practitioner living in a village of Henan Province. My father and two siblings are also practitioners. My younger sister knows the benefits of Falun Gong, but she doesn't practice.

One morning, my nephew fell down when he got out of bed. He was unable to get up or even move, and this incident scared my sister terribly. She quickly asked her husband to dial the emergency number, and her son was soon taken to the hospital. At the hospital, my nephew seemed to have recovered and was perfectly normal. The doctor could find nothing wrong with him. He was later diagnosed as epileptic at the provincial hospital.

Epilepsy has no known cure. My sister and her family were extremely upset with the news, and they couldn’t stop crying. Eventually, my sister suggested that my nephew practice Falun Gong. “Only Falun Gong can help him.” she said.

My nephew bought a computer and connected it to the Internet. We now study the teachings of Falun Gong together and he and his family come to my house regularly to do the exercises.

Within a month, my nephew felt a lump the size of an almond behind one of his ears. My sister was quite scared and took him to see a doctor. The doctor thought it was mumps so he gave my nephew some ointment to apply to the lump.

The next day, when I saw his face covered with bandages, I laughed and said, “After practicing for a few days, the bad stuff is coming out. Yet you still want to push it back in.” My nephew enlightened to this, so he removed the bandages. The following morning, the lump had disappeared by itself.

My brother-in-law wanted to take my nephew for another check-up at the provincial hospital despite my sister assuring him that it wasn’t necessary. He insisted however, so they went to the hospital. To their amazement, the black dot [indicating epilepsy] that was previously seen in my nephew’s brain had disappeared. All examinations were normal. The doctor also found it quite incredible.

I am a farmer. I would like to tell the world’s people: “Falun Dafa is a righteous practice. Please don't listen to the Chinese communist propaganda and lies.”

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