(Clearwisdom.net) The following descriptions are scenes observed by fellow practitioners in my area while sending righteous thoughts near the jails, forced labor camps and detention centers where Dafa practitioners are being held.

When we were very focused and continuously sending strong righteous thoughts, those whose celestial eye were opened observed the “divine powers” we emitted eliminating many of the concentrated evil factors. There were a multitude of them and they were relatively powerful. We tried using our powers to just cut them in half, but we couldn't. We asked Teacher for help and continued sending righteous thoughts, and subsequently eliminated them completely by attacking them from two sides.

Once while sending righteous thoughts, we saw many evil things such as a very long centipede; they were all being quickly eliminated. However, there was one monster that was hard to eliminate; it was so big and long, that from the celestial eye, its head and tail weren't visible. The monster's body was covered with thorns, and we felt that we weren't powerful enough to eliminate it, so we asked Teacher for help. The monster then fell into a deep abyss.

During righteous thoughts, we saw that some evil lives appeared as beasts such as tigers or leopards, and some were weirdly shaped. There was one big animal that we didn't recognize. With our righteous thoughts, its entire body, head, and feet were stacked on top of one another, and stuck in a tube, where it died.

One time, we saw a large, flat-shaped evil being with its mouth open. Our righteous thoughts made it smaller and smaller and it eventually dissolved. There were other monsters that looked like tall posts with noses and eyes - they all fell down as we sent righteous thoughts. We also saw a huge tripod on top of many evil beings that looked like mice. The tripod kept moving forward with our righteous thoughts, eliminating all the evil beings.

We witnessed the power of Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts, and this gave us confidence to eliminate the evil factors.

Today while sending righteous thoughts, we saw many practitioners trapped in a large pond; they were in a very difficult situation. The dirty water was already up to their necks, but they didn't give up and were struggling to move forward. They had already broken through the first set of prison gates.

The scene really touched each of us. We knew that these practitioners were imprisoned and resisting the persecution. They refused to sing the songs which praised the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), to do the dozen hours of slave labor daily, nor to accept the evil heresies of the CCP. They endured extremely difficult tribulations while resisting the persecution. Some were shocked with electric batons for extended periods, others were brutally beaten; some were confined in small cells. The CCP is using many different ways to torture practitioners with the intent to destroy their will. However, practitioners don't back down, hold a firm belief in Dafa and strong righteous thoughts throughout their tribulations.

Practitioners possess a profound understanding that all these tribulations are forced onto them by the old forces, and are not recognized nor accepted by Teacher; therefore, we don't accept them either. We also understand that in those places where practitioners are held and tortured, there are indeed very concentrated evil factors which control the guards, making them do evil things to the practitioners. Under that situation, practitioners face life and death tests continuously, as they validate the Fa.

Teacher said,

“Everything Dafa disciples are doing at present is to save the world's people and all beings, to expose the persecution, and to put an end to the persecution. So you cannot accept any of the evil's persecutory acts, and even less should you allow the evil to do whatever it wants persecuting Dafa disciples.” (“Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts”)

We are eliminating evil factors while sending righteous thoughts, and simultaneously helping to alleviate the persecution suffered by detained practitioners, reducing losses as much as possible, eliminating the evil environments, and releasing them from imprisonment.

Recently, our local weekly news reported that many practitioners were being severely tortured. Our hearts were heavy, knowing that this was probably because we relaxed in sending righteous thoughts. If every practitioner truly values sending righteous thoughts from the heart, then the evil forces will be eliminated quickly, and the detained practitioners won't suffer so much. Every one of us should search within, and think about how we're doing on this.

Several of us shared, and realized that when sending righteous thoughts, we shouldn't limit ourselves to eliminating the evil factors inside those places, but to completely disintegrate the evil places themselves. The existence of places that persecute practitioners is a humiliation to Dafa. How can a true divine being allow an evil place to coexist for such a long time, and not do anything about it? How could the worst factors in the universe that are destined for elimination detain and persecute the golden Dafa practitioners?

Teacher said,

“This type of event where people persecute Gods who are here to save people won't exist again. Situations like Jesus being crucified will absolutely never be allowed to happen again.” (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

Why then, can't we do it more thoroughly today and comprehensively eliminate the evil forces, totally disintegrate the evil places, and completely clean out the trash of the universe?

We are now doing this during our sending of righteous thoughts. We added this strong thought: Completely disintegrate all the evil factors that support the existence of forced labor camps, jails and brainwashing centers; completely disintegrate these evil places.

We hope that all of us can send righteous thoughts effectively, be diligent and move forward together!