(Clearwisdom.net) On October 15, 2011, the seventh Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference in Poland was held in Warsaw. Dafa disciples from Poland, the UK, Austria and Belarus attended the conference.

Sixteen practitioners presented experience sharing papers, and a recording of four papers from the Eastern Europe Experience Sharing Conference was played for the audience.

Experience sharing

Although Dorota had practiced Falun Gong for eight years, she still had such tense relationships with people around her that she thought of leaving Poland several times. This year, through studying the Fa a lot and looking inward, she came to realize that it was not the fault of others, but of herself. She found that she had the same shortcomings that she could not tolerate in others. Upon finding out the fundamental problem, she immediately felt everything around her changed and improved a lot. She has truly experienced the power of Falun Dafa and looking inside.

Peter obtained the Fa two years ago. Having gone through his initial joy and enthusiasm when first discovering the Fa and reaching a certain level in cultivation, he dropped into a state of ordinary people in certain respects. Seeing his loopholes, the old forces enhanced his attachments. When realizing the seriousness of his problems, he still could not overcome it. Difficulties and troubles all came. He asked himself: Do I abandon cultivation and drift along with the current, or commit myself to Dafa cultivation? With determination, he chose the latter. He increased Fa study, actively participated in various Dafa activities, eliminated interference with righteous thoughts, and returned to the state of a genuine cultivator. He realized that one should be strict with oneself as a Dafa practitioner, guard every thought and treat oneself as a cultivator at all times. He realized how easy it is to drop in levels. He thanked Master for his salvation: he was once again saved from hell. He vowed to truly cultivate himself and help Master rectify the Fa.

Amy, a Falun Gong practitioner from the UK, shared her experiences in holding the Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance Art Exhibition as a coordinator. She said: “The exhibition is very powerful in saving sentient beings. But how to get people who have predestined relationship to attend reflects our state of cultivation. As a coordinator, it is necessary that I cooperate well with others, but I cannot simply avoid conflicts; I must truly improve myself. If my own state of cultivation is not good, this will affect the salvation of sentient beings.” She talked about how she shares her understanding with her follow practitioners and gives up selfishness in the process of coordination.

Ms. Su recently began practicing Falun Gong. She said: “Like many Chinese people who have been poisoned by the CCP’s propaganda, I used to have a negative view of Dafa and I would not listen to Falun Gong practitioners. Later, after watching a video that revealed the facts about the staged “Self-immolation on Tiananmen Square” incident and reading many Falun Gong practitioners’ experience sharing articles on the Minghui website, I finally realized that I had been deceived by the CCP about Falun Gong.” Not long after she began practicing the exercises and studying the the book Zhuan Falun, and soon her physical problems such as severe rheumatoid arthritis, cervical spondylosis, stomach problems, insomnia, headaches and other gynecological problems and a range of symptoms went away. Following the great Buddha Law, she has completely changed herself and is determined to cultivate well to repay Master for saving her.

Participants commented that the conference inspired and encouraged them to be more diligent in cultivation and cooperation.