(Clearwisdom.net) At around 8:00 p.m. on October 13, 2011, the Domestic Security Division of Macheng City Police Department organized the police stations under their command to make a large-scale arrest. They arrested practitioners and sent them to Macheng City Detention Center.

Practitioners known to have been arrested include Ms. Tao Lahuai, Ms. Liu Jiqing, Ms. Liang Fengmei, Mr. Zhu Changkui, Mr. Wu Shuangxi, and Ms. Peng Weixiang. Their homes were all ransacked.

Mr. Zhu Changkui, in his 50s, was an employee of Macheng No. 1 Construction Company. Around 10:00 p.m. on October 13, 2011, someone called for Mr. Zhu outside of his home and Mr. Zhu's wife opened the door. About a dozen strangers broke into the house. They first seized Mr. Wu Shuangxi, a young construction worker who was visiting at the time, and took him downstairs. They ordered Mr. Zhu and his family not to move or speak. Then they ransacked the house and confiscated Falun Dafa books, photos of Falun Dafa's Teacher, and other personal belongings. After that, they took Mr. Zhu away.

Mr. Zhu's wife wanted to go to the balcony and cry for help. An officer blocked the balcony door and threatened her, “No shouting! I'll choke you to death if you do!” Mr. Zhu's wife witnessed them taking away her husband and their personal belongings, and couldn't do anything.

The officers were dressed in plainclothes and didn't show their identification. Mr. Zhu's family later went to Gulou Police Station and was told that Mr. Zhu was sent to the Macheng City Detention Center. Mr. Zhu's family packed some bedding and went to the detention center. However, the guard there didn't allow them to see Mr. Zhu.

Mr. Wu Shuangxi's home was later ransacked. The police took almost all the cash from his home. The police also stole cash and deposit books from Ms. Peng Weixiang's home. Ms. Peng's non-practitioner husband and child were also detained. The police also ransacked Mr. Xiang Mingxuan's homes in Songbu Town and Macheng City, but Mr. Xiang escaped.

On the morning of October 14, the police went to the home of Ms. Tao Lahuai, a retired teacher of Macheng City Kindergarten, and asked for Ms. Tao's change of clothes. They said Ms. Tao was suffering from incontinence. Ms. Tao was healthy before the arrest and only had incontinence ten hours after the arrest. When asked for the reason for Ms. Tao's condition, the officer wouldn't answer.

Below are some of the people involved in the persecution:
Hu Kaiwen, chief of Domestic Security Division of Macheng City Police Department: +86-18986758123 (Cell)
Xue Ping, director of Macheng City Detention Center: +86-18986758518 (Cell)